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British Tourists Warned To Behave In Muslim Nations

The British government is issuing strong warnings to holiday travelers in Muslim societies to be careful on their behavior in public and to avoid kissing in public or engaging in extra-marital affairs in a strongly religious world in which women who dress in sexually revealing clothes may run afoul of authorities. The number of Britons going to Egypt has increased by 38% and to Turkey by 32% as people seek to leave European Union nations in search of countries where the pound will allow a better financial aspect. Warnings about modesty are also being given to those who visit Malaysia or even the Kenyan coast of Africa. Most Muslim nations have strict anti-drug laws and frown upon excessive drinking of alcohol in public.

As the British economy slows down and more people either lose their jobs or see a reduction in pay, the prospect of vacationing in low cost nations, many of which are Muslim, seems more attractive. It is one thing to go on a drunken binge in France, and another to do so in the United Arab Emirate. Last year the Foreign Office helped 75,000 British tourists who encountered difficulty in the country they thought would be a pleasant are in which to vacation. Ironically, the global meltdown will assist low cost Muslim societies in attracting tourists.

Bush Says Faith Saved His Life

President Bush, while visiting a community service project, told the group he once had been an alcoholic but found God which helped him overcome his problems. “As you might remember, I drank too m uch at one time in my life.. I undersdtand addiction, I understand how a changed heart can help you deal with addiction.” The president’s words could also be interpreted another way. Ordinarily, a person who drinks may get into fights in which another person might be injured. Once Geroge Bush ended his drinking addiction, he now seeks to get other people involved with fighting while he stands off to the corner. His decision to cease drinking may have been a live saver for him, but it certainly has led to a new addiction — having the American people fight in just about every corner of the globe. I guess when he drank, he had images and fears that so many drinkers obtain, now, his images and fears get the entire world in trouble. Heck, the man thinks there are WMD where none exist!

At points, one almost wishes George Bush took a drink or too and kept the rest of the world out of his personal problems.