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US Drones Drone On Bombing And Bombing

American drone planes continued their bombing inside Pakistan in the never ending search to find al-Qaeda leaders who can be killed. The latest drone attack killed twelve people, five of whom were identified as “foreigners” which usually means members of al-Qaeda. The drones are trying to kill Baitullah Mehsud, leader of the Pakistan Taliban. The assumption is killing him will somehow end fighting in tribal regions, an assumption that has no validity in past history or experience. American military insists they are killing the “leaders” of the Taliban and al-Qaeda, but the situation remains unsettled and Afghanistan is sliding into chaos. In the meantime, the Pakistan government is furious at having its sovereignty violated by “allies.”

The Bush victory over al-Qaeda strategy is predicated on the belief killing top leaders of that organization will result in its collapse. It’s an interesting theory even though there is no evidence it will work.

September 11 And Responsibility For Terror!

On the seventh anniversary of the attack on the United States by terrorists, President Bush told the government of Pakistan it must do more in the fight against terrorism. “Defeating these terrorists and extremists is also Pakistan’s responsibility because every nation has a responsibility to govern its territory and make certain that it does not become a safe haven for terrorists.” His words are interesting in a manner the president would not grasp. Even as he spoke US drones were attacking in Pakistan’s Tribal regions resulting in the death of at least 17 civilians on Monday, five women and children on Friday, and a complete disregard to human life on the part of American leaders. Does the United States have an obligation to avoid employing terrorist methods in order to defeat terrorists?

Prime Minister Gilani of Pakistan decried these attacks on his nation as violating the rights of a nation to protect its people against violence. At no place in his speech, did President Bush acknowledge that his blundering policies in Iraq SPAWNED TERRORISM. There were no terrorists until American invaded Iraq and transformed it into the haven that attracted terrorists from throughout the world.

The use of drone planes in Afghanistan and Pakistan arose from inability on the part of American military leaders to put in the field sufficient numbers of ground forces. Had the Iraq forces been sent to Afghanistan, the war there would now be over and terrorists defeated.