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The New Mexican War

The war between the United States and Mexico occurred one hundred fifty years ago, but Mexico is once again involved in a war for its very survival–with itself! The Mexican government has ordered over 5,000 troops and police to confront the drug cartel in Michoacan and drive them out of business. In recent days, the la Familia cartel unleashed a war against the police that resulted in the death of 12 off-duty officers. The cartel has also been blasting police stations and throwing grenades in order to demonstrate their fire power.

At some point, Mexico has to realize their nation is engaged in a civil war which requires creating an army that effectively can handle drug thugs. The other aspect of this war is removing its cause by legalizing drugs in order to deprive drug cartels of their source of income.

Drug Dealers Terrorize Mexican Celebration

Suspected drug carter thugs showed open defiance of the Mexican government by throwing two grenades into crowds celebrating the nation’s Independence Day. Two military fragmentation grenades exploded simultaneously about 500 metres apart in the city of Morelia’s main plaza as people were dancing and singing. President Felipe Calderon acted quickly by urging citizens in a televised address not to be afraid. “These illegal acts were clearly attacking our national security, committed by true traitors who have no respect for others or the country.” Drug cartels are responding to the president’s campaign against them which has involved 25,000 troops who are attempting to regain control of their nation.

The attacks came only days after 24 bodies were found bound and killed in execution-style in a rural area outside of Mexico City. Unfortunately, an poorly-paid police force which lacks the firepower of drug lord thugs is simply either unwilling or unable to confront criminals. At the heart of this conflict is the decision by the United States to make possession or sale of drugs to be a crime. What would happen if drugs were legalized and sold under government supervision? Would drug lords continue being drug lords? Would death and destruction be reduced. Certainly, it would allow 700,000 people to leave American jails and escape the school for crime that is known as “prison” in the United States.