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Political Slime Wars Result In Clinton Apology

Senator Hillary Clinton encountered Senator Barack Obama at a Washington D.C. airport and extended her apology for the uncalled for comments by an assistant in her campaign who implied the Illinois senator might have ben engaged in drug dealings earlier in life. Bill Shaheen, a Clinton campaign co-chairman, has said that since much of Senator Obama’s background was murky it might lead Republicans in a fall campaign to imply that he had a wayward youth that probably included drug dealings. “There are so many openings for Republican dirty tricks,. It’s hard to overcome,” he told The Washington Post. Mr. Shaheen apologized for his remarks and then resigned his position.

I really don’t know why Mr. Shaheen resigned, everyone knows that African Americans spend their youth dealing drugs just like Jewish children are youthful bankers, and Irish kids like Shaheen can’t stop guzzling down beer and whiskey in their wayward childhood. The tragedy of his comment is that he actually thought people would believe such nonsense about Obama. Of course, Senator Obama has written his life story– unlike Hillary Clinton– so, if there is anything murky in the past of politicians it most likely will come from an examination of Clinton’s background, not Obama’s youth. This silly incident merely highlights failure on the part of Hillary Clinton to offer the American people bold ideas and a vision for the future. Instead, she is focusing on trivia and, in so doing, opens the door for her campaign associates to sink into the pit of slime and innuendo in order to counter the increasingly bold campaign of Obama.

P.S. Will Mr. Shaheen now reveal the secrets yet uncovered about the childhood of Oprah Winflrey?