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America’s Shame–Destroying Mexico

There are reports a former candidate for president in Mexico has been kidnapped, and may even be dead. Scarcely a day goes by without stories about drug lords killing and raping innocent people in Mexico. Naturally, the American media points fingers at Mexico and its drug environment as a symbol of a nation that has lost control of its own security. Rarely, does the media examine the cause of drug lords. It is not Mexico, but the United States of America which has created this drug culture of violence and death. If America ceased making drugs illegal, the entire structure of drug gangs would be faced with collapse or seeking another venue in order to make money. The American appetite for drugs is among the most painful for nations in the world which have witnessed the emergence in their society of gangsters who make money from the American illness.

For a nation that daily consumes countless drugs to create feelings of euphoria, it is ironic that only a few drugs are illegal–the ones which allow drug gangsters to emerge. We forget there were no laws against drugs until the early twentieth century, and Americans survived without need to create thugs.

If In Mexico–Duck!

It was a gathering of several people from the American consulate and they had a pleasant luncheon, and soon departed. Normally, in most places in the world, a trip home after an afternoon meal is hardly an expedition into danger, but this is Mexico. Two cars encountered blasts of weapons as drug lord members fired on staff members killing a husband and wife and a husband. Babies were left crying in back seats. This all occurred in broad daylight, President Felipe Calderon has launched what he regards as a major war against drug lords in face of over 4,000 deaths in the Ciudad Juarez area over the past few years. As a result of the attacks, members of US consulates in cities along the border have been urged to send their families back to the safety of America.

The issue is no longer drug lords, the issue is drugs. When will the American people finally realize their desire for drugs is creating havoc and chaos throughout Latin America. The solution is simple– legalize drugs and allow people to purchase them in government controlled shops. Take away the product and drug lords will either shift to another crime venture or will take their money and become legitimate businessmen. At least, that’s what happened when Prohibition ended.

Mexico Vs Mexico War Rages On And On

Once upon a time in the history of crime, gangsters wiped out an opposing gang and changed the balance of power until another gang came along to wipe them out. The famous St. Valentine Day Massacre witnessed the end of Irish crime domination in Chicago and the rise of an Italian-Jewish coalition. But, Mexican gangsters certainly have reached new highs in slaughtering one another in a seemingly endless killing and killing. Yesterday, police found 13 tied-up bodies in a bus with their hands tied behind backs and face down as they lay in neat row. Most were young men. In Chihuahua, seventeen people were killed on Thursday as well as a police investigator who was shot 60 times while sitting in a police car.

It is time to end the carnage by legalizing drugs and placing the sale of drugs in the hands of the government. Allow users to obtain inexpensive drugs provided they enter a drug control program. The present system makes no sense except to foster murder of those who are in the drug trade as well as innocent bystanders.

More than 4,500 people have died so far this year due to the madness of drug wars.

Former US Official Slams President Karzai

A former senior US official who worked on anti-drug programs in Afghanistan accused President Karzai of playing the US “like a fiddle” and protecting drug lords from being interfered with as they pursued their program of getting drugs out of the country. Thomas Schweich, who until June, was the US State Department co-ordinator for counter-narcotics, said the Afghan president was interfering with anti-drug efforts in Afghanistan. Schweich noted drug production has been soaring since the United States invaded Afghanistan and deposed the Taliban who at that time were actively suppressing drugs. The American charged Karzai’s friends were involved in drugs. “Karzai had Talbian enemies who profited from drugs, but he had even more supporters who did,” claimed Schweich.

Hillary Mann Leverett, a former US National Security official for Afghanistan, told Al Jazeera, the US knew that government officials, including the minister of defense in 2002 were involved in drug trafficking. “When I worked on this issue at the White House in 2001 and 2002, we were made aware, very clearly aware, that the highest government officials, including the minister of defense at the time, were drug traffickers.”

Perhaps, it is time to change our attitude towards drugs and consider alternative approaches such as legalization of this product and placing it under some form of government monopoly. This would end the power of drug lords.

Mexico And The Cocaine Madness

The American public and its political leaders continue discusing the war in Iraq and the need to resolve that conflict. Even as Bush, and McCain and Obama and Clinton devote enormous time and energy to wars in the Middle East and in Afghanistan, another war is raging on the borders of the United States. The American fascination with cocaine is among the most destructive addictions in the history of humankind. It has spawned gangs and cartel leaders and murderers who roam Latin America and our Mexican neighbors killing and destroying the very foundations of society.

Mexican President Felipe Calderon has pledged to confront drug lords, but his initial steps have not resulted in positive results. Armed conflict rages in Mexican cities as gangsters confront police who are outgunned and, in many cases, outmanned by thugs who intend to plunge Mexico into chaos. One can travel anywhere in the nation and purchase cocaine or guns or even grenades with relative ease. In the state of Chihuahua, drug gangsters in one town placed placards containing the names of police who they intended to kill. No one dared cut down the placards and so far at least 17 names on the list are dead.

Isn’t it time for Americans to rethink its drug policies which don’t have the scantest piece of evidence to be successful.