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Mexico Vs Mexico War Rages On And On

Once upon a time in the history of crime, gangsters wiped out an opposing gang and changed the balance of power until another gang came along to wipe them out. The famous St. Valentine Day Massacre witnessed the end of Irish crime domination in Chicago and the rise of an Italian-Jewish coalition. But, Mexican gangsters certainly have reached new highs in slaughtering one another in a seemingly endless killing and killing. Yesterday, police found 13 tied-up bodies in a bus with their hands tied behind backs and face down as they lay in neat row. Most were young men. In Chihuahua, seventeen people were killed on Thursday as well as a police investigator who was shot 60 times while sitting in a police car.

It is time to end the carnage by legalizing drugs and placing the sale of drugs in the hands of the government. Allow users to obtain inexpensive drugs provided they enter a drug control program. The present system makes no sense except to foster murder of those who are in the drug trade as well as innocent bystanders.

More than 4,500 people have died so far this year due to the madness of drug wars.