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Mexican Drug Wars Are Really American Drug Wars

During the past four years, at least 26,000 people have died in Mexico as a result of drug wars, but, there is scant enthusiasm among Americans concerned with “terrorist threats” to do anything about such slaughter of human life. Americans became aroused and furious over Saddam Hussein whose brutality never touched the United States–aside from the Gulf War. Yesterday, Mexican police noticed a suspicious group of men and in the ensuing gun battle they killed 15 gang members who supposedly are linked to American born capo, “La Barberie” — and we are not referring to a Barbie Doll. President Felipe Calderon was on TV emphasizing to the nation “our future is at stake” and the war against drugs must be successful. A few weeks ago in a mine near a tourist spot, police found 55 bodies, which indicates it was a dumping ground for those killed in fights between drug gangs.

Unfortunately, the President of Mexico has no control over drug wars. If the American people would learn the lessons of Prohibition and legalize drugs, drug wars in Latin America would die down, if not disappear. The solution lies in the hands of Americans, not Mexicans.

Death In A Drug Rehabilitation Center

The death of nineteen men in Mexico will make the daily headlines for a day, people will gasp, and then go on with their lives. After all, the death of nineteen men in a drug rehabilitation center is of no more than passing interest in a country in which death related to drugs has become the norm, not the exception. A band of 30 mean burst into the Faith and Life Center, compelled men to lie face down and then proceeded to kill them on the ground they were “criminals.” We have no idea who the 30 gunmen were, did they represent the force of authority, were they members of a drug gang, or were they simply interested citizens who wanted to do something about drugs in their country? Who knows, who cares? The “WAR ON DRUGS” goes on and on, death goes on and on, and the end result is we become indifferent to death in the afternoon.

An initial step in winning the WAR ON DRUGS is making drugs legal and focusing on aiding individuals to secure medical and psychological assistance in dealing with drugs. Only then will everyone be safe from drugs.

America’s Legacy Of Drugs Wars In Mexico

The American obsession with wanting drugs and making the sale or possession a criminal act has spawned drug gangs all over Latin America, but none are more dangerous than those in Mexico. Americans sleep peacefully in communities on one side of the border while a few miles away drug lords kidnap, kill and destroy the very basis of law and order. Relatives of scores of missing people demanded the Mexican government dig up mass graves which were recently discovered that contained human remains. It is believed the bodies of over 300 people lie in these graves of violence whose bodies were dissolved in barrels of caustic soda.

Santiago Meza was the “stew maker” who dissolved the bodies for the Areliano drug gang. Although many of the victims died because of drug wars, many were individuals who had been kidnapped and never returned. Last year, about 5,700 people died in drug related killings. When will the American people address their need for drugs and end the madness of illegal drugs??

Drug Wars Rage In Mexico As Police Are Killed

The American desire for drugs combined with a policy of criminalizing its sale and possession has not only filled jails of this nation, but it has left in its wake devastating consequences for its neighbor to the south. The United States government has exerted pressure on the government of Mexico to destroy its drug lords, but the only result has been to initiate open warfare between drug gangs and the police. In the latest episode of this conflict, drug traffickers killed seven Mexican policemen who were searching a drug gang hide-out in Culiacan. They were shot by gangsters inside the building who also threw grenades at the police. They were most probably killed by members of the gang of drug kingpin, Joaquin “Shorty” Guzman.

The drug wars have definitely escalated during the past year with at least 1,400 being killed so far this year. Thousands of police and members of the armed forces have been thrust into the battle but drug gangs appear to be equally armed.

The American people continue trying an approach which makes use of drugs illegal. Actually, drugs were legal in most of the United States during the 19th century and it was not until the beginning of the 20th that using drugs became a crime. There are an estimated 600,000 people in jail for drug offences. At some point, perhaps it is time to pursue other avenues of dealing with drugs, including legalizing small amounts that are not so lethal.