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Britain Losing War Against Drugs–Who Isn’t?

The United Kingdom is gradually losing the war against cocaine according to latest figures which reveal a large increase in use of the drug and an ever declining amount that is being seized by the police. The proportion of adults who use cocaine has risen nearly four fold since 1996 to an estimated 810,000 last year. The actual volume of cocaine being taken by police has fallen by more than half since 2003. Ironically, the overall use of of drugs is falling, but the number who resort to cocaine continues to rise. Naturally, those who believe drugs should be illegal complain about failure on the part of police to do their job, but ending drug use is about as possible as was ending use of alcohol during the roaring twenties in America. People will always find a way to obtain an illegal drug regardless of what police do in the way of prevention.

It is time for Great Britain to admit defeat in its war against drugs, and seek alternative paths that begin with government ownership of drugs and using that leverage to assist individuals to enter into controlled drug use under proper medical supervision. There is no guarantee that will work, but it will reduce drug violence.