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Drug Lords In Mexico Slaughter Soldiers

The inhabitants of the United States of America enjoy the use of drugs. The government of the United States of America has declared the use of drugs is against the law. The government of the United States has decided anyone selling or using drugs should be placed in jail. These American policies have resulted in the emergence of drug lords all over Latin America, but none probably matches the brutality of Mexican drug dealers. A corrupt Mexican army and police supposedly is engaged in fighting drug lords, but the result tends to result in soldiers being killed rather than drug dealers. The decapitated heads of 12 soldiers were found in a bag with the warning: “For every one of mine that you kill, I will kill 10.” The discovery was found several miles from the famous resort of Acapulco.

There undoubtedly will be pronouncements of revenge by Mexican leaders as they have promised in the past, but nothing much will happen except that young Mexican boys who serve in the army will die. If Americans really cared about ending the power of drug lords they would decriminalize drugs and allow the government to sell inexpensive drugs to those who agree to enter a program to end drug use.