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Double Standard On Turkish Closure Cases

The Public Prosecutor case against the ruling Justice and Development Party(AKP) has drawn considerable attention not merely in Turkey, but throughout the world. It is expected the Turkish Constitutional Court will order a closure of the AKP on grounds it is attempting to subvert the nation’s constitution by fostering Muslim values and laws. However, there is scant attention to the efforts of Prime Minister Erdogan and the Public Prosecutor to close down the pro-Kurd Democratic Society Party(DTP). Millions of Turkish Kurds voted for the DTP, but their voices are unheard as the government attempts to forbid the existence of a political party they support. According to Professor Husseyin Hatemi: “People who voted for the DTP in last summer’s election wonder why the closure case filed against their party does not have such influence nationwide like the AKP closure case.”

A democratic society can not continue the process of closing down political parties because of their “thoughts” or even actions unless there is demonstrable evidence the party is violating existing laws. The DTP has 20 members of parliament but their voices will soon be silenced due to actions of a judiciary.