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A Kiss Too Far In Dubai

There are moments in the lives of those living in certain Muslim nations in which one wonders as to whether the world of 2010 is functioning or is once trapped in a time that has scant connection to reality. Charlotte Adams, a British female was in a restaurant in Dubai with Ayman Nayat when she reached over to touch his arm and give him a peck on the cheek. A Dubai woman in the restaurant witnessed this gross violation of Islamic law and reported it to the restaurant manager who then informed the police about the presence of terrorists in his establishment. The two were then sentenced to a a month in jail for violating Dubai law which forbids kissing, drinking or holding hands in public. As the British Embassy warns beware of those actions because if not, you may face time in jail.

No outsider has the right to tell others how to conduct themselves. But, if a nation seeks tourists from all over the world, it might help to loosen restrictions and at least enter the 18th century. After all, Muslim nations like Turkey, Egypt, Indonesia, etc.. allow a peck or so in public.

When In Dubai, Give A Hug, Not A Kiss On Cheek?

It was a luncheon meeting between two friends, one a female and the other a male. They met in the restaurant, exchanged a kiss on the cheek, sat down and ordered their meal. But, to a Muslim mother sitting at another table with her young daughter, the incident was shocking and threatened the very existence of her girl. Imagine witnessing two adults exchange a kiss on their cheeks! I assume neither the mother or daughter will ever venture into nations like France where hugging and a peck on the cheek are normal activities. The authorities in Dubai were furious at this outrageous behavior and sentenced the two Britons to a month in jail and then deportation. According to Khalaf al-Hosani, one of the culprits, “it was just a normal greeting.”

There are times when religion becomes a weapon in the war against human individualism. If Muslims are really offended by such behavior why do millions migrate to nations where a kiss on the cheek is normal? Do ambassadors from Muslim nations give hugs to visitors? do they sometimes give a kiss on the cheek?

As far as we know, the skies over Dubai are still up in the air and have not touched ground.

A Kiss Too Far?

The British boy and girl were having lunch in a restaurant in Dubai, laughing and having a pleasant time sharing their vacation experiences. Ayman reached over and in a moment of affection gave the girl a kiss on her mouth which immediately caused a furor in the place as mothers and fathers covered the eyes of their children lest they be exposed to the horror of two lips meeting! The two miscreants were arrested by the ever ready police who would rather capture serious offenders than those who merely rob people of their life savings. Ayman Najafi insists her only kissed her on the cheek, but in Dubai they do not wish to take chances when it comes to issues of criminal behavior and the judge sentenced the pair to a month in jail.

It would be fascinating if Dubai officials displayed the same concern for morality in dealing with businessmen who have ruined the lives of thousands. Of course, all the businessmen were doing was f—–g people. Now, if only they gave their clients a kiss on the cheek maybe Dubai would be in better financial conditions.

No Kissing On Our Beaches Says Dubai!

Two foreign women did the unmentionable on a beach in Dubai, they decided to kiss one another either in fully knowledge or ignorance of the fundamentalist law against women engaging in love making in public. They are charged with “indecent acts” such as fondling one another and kissing. The Dubai Court of Appeal handed down one month sentences against a 30 year-old Lebanese national and a 36 year-old woman from Bulgaria. Prosecutors said it was the first case in the history of the United Arab Emirates in which woman have been prosecuted for publicly engaging in the “indecent acts.” They will be deported after serving their one-month sentences.

Dubai is visited by millions of people who undoubtedly practice rather different sexual behaviors but, one assume, as long as they do the kissing and fondling in private, the police will leave them alone. Dubai will certainly make the gay and lesbian vacation list.

Stop Whining Arab World, Says Lebanon Daily Star, Move Forward!

In a biting editorial that pulled no punches, editors of the Lebanon Daily Star, said it’s time for the Arab world to cease complaining and assume responsibility for change. As one reviews the Middle East, the situation is a disaster. Egypt is ruled by an autocrat who throws people into jail for questioning his health or plans to install his son as the next leader of the nation, Algeria is again entering a civil war situation that already engulfs Iraq, Turkey is preparing an invasion of Kurdistan, Syria doesn’t know whether to remain in its state of inertia or join the path of economic development, Palestinians are attempting to have a united front in a nation divided into factions, Jordan is overwhelmed by Iraqi refugees, Somalia is in utter chaos and the world is well aware of the Sudan/Darfur disaster. What can be done?

Two recent developments offer signs of moving ahead rather than remaining stuck in the quagmire of anger. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia is creating a billion dollar university geared to preparing Saudi Arabians for the 21st century. Religious authorities are banned from the university and women will have equal rights with males on college grounds. The Mohammad bin Rashid al-Mkton Foundation(named after the ruler of Dubai) is creating a $10 project to foster economic development, expand women’s rights, fund research, stimulate scientific education, and move youth into the world in which they must live. As the Daily Star notes: “The idea is to ensure that the next generation can do more than complain about problems.”