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Jamaica, Not A Tourist Spot These Days

Drug lords kill hundreds in Mexico, hundreds in South America and now there is street fighting in Jamaica as the nation’s armed forces and police battle an alleged drug lord named Christopher Coke, also known as “Dudus.” Latest estimates are are that at least twenty-six civilians are dead along with four members of security forces. Followers of Dudus made clear by attacking police stations that their beloved leader would not be extradited to the United States and plunged into open warfare with the Jamaican Army. Helmeted police and soldiers fought their way into the stronghold of the drug lord and met rifle fire from his supporters. large part of Kingston is now deserted and tourists are heading to quieter climes than what today is found in Jamaica.

A central issue which the United States continues to ignore is how can drug wars be ended? One simple solution is to legalize all drugs, allow the government to sell low cost drugs to anyone who agrees to enter a drug rehabilitation program and end this stupid violence which destroys both people and nations.