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Obama Gets Grade F On Education!

Those who voted for Barack Obama expected significant changes from the failed policies of George Bush so imagine our surprise when on many occasions Barack turns out to be Bush light. Educators and parents and students hoped Obama’s election would end the tyranny of testing initiated by Bush in his infamous No Child Left Behind law. So, what happens? We get Arne Duncan as Secretary of Education who wants MORE TESTING INCLUDING TESTING OF TEACHERS!!

Any educator believes in accountability of performance, but the issue also is exactly how one judges “success” or “failure” in teaching. The current curriculum in schools derives from 19th century ideas of education and it is these which Bush wanted to compel students to learn and teachers to teach. We have a boring irrelevant curriculum in place which has no connection to life in the 21st century. Along comes Arne Duncan(basketball playing buddy of Obama) who wants to evaluate teachers on the test scores of children!

Anyone who has taught children for several years (Mr. Duncan’s experience consists of tutoring) knows there are simply too many variables at play in linking teachers to student scores. UNLESS, TEACHERS SPEND THE ENTIRE TERM TRAINING CHILDREN TO PASS TESTS! Duncan has bought into Bush Light with its focus on testing for a boring curriculum which lacks exciting education for life in the 21st century.

We propose:

1. Ask Billy Gates to form a task force whose goals will be to identify what constitutes education for 21st century life.
2. The task force could also identify what are the basic skills necessary for success in 21st century living.
3. The task force should explore the best settings for students and teachers in a modern learning center. This means re-examining the role and function of schools.

Unless the above are known, how can students and teachers be “tested?”

It might help to accomplish these goals if the President would appoint someone to head education who ACTUALLY HAS TAUGHT CHILDREN!!
I await Barack Obama appointing a basketball playing teacher as his Secretary of Commerce. After all, they play basketball.


Following are comments you will never hear spoken, but they are thought.

JOE WILSON I just want to know why once an African American is elected president, the economy collapses. I am not a racist, I’m just a God fearing white man out for the truth.

JOE BIDEN I get the feeling someone in Washington is making decisions but it sure ain’t me.

ROGER FEDERER Maybe that Governor Mark Sanford was right to have an Argentine girlfriend.

NRA HEAD Well, we got guns on trains, on planes, on the street when presidents are around, I guess next is protecting the 2nd Amendment rights of pre-schoolers.

SENATOR GRASSLEY I guess the Death Panel idea has been driven to an early grave, now let’s go after the abortion money.

OBAMA Poor Jimmy Carter speaks the truth, but I can’t back him up because I’m an African American.

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU I want peace in the Middle East. A piece of the West Bank, a piece of Jerusalem, a piece…

GEORGE BROWN Tony Blair converted to Catholicism, left being a prime minister and is raking in millions. So, what next for me– dump this job and go for the dough?

TEACHER I am forced by Obama’s Secretary of Education Arne Duncan to be accountable for the success of my students, but Wall Street bankers who robbed Americans of billions receive billions for their thievery!



Would members of Congress express more concern over the possibility that illegal immigrants might get health than worry about the 45,000,000 Americans without health care.

Would poverty be blamed on personal laziness.

Would boorish behavior be proclaimed as healthy.

Would a mentally challenged person like Sarah Palin be selected to run for the second highest office in the land.

Would anyone still believe “more soldiers” will solve the Afghanistan mess.

Would kindergarten children be subjected to the tyranny of testing.

Would hatred and anger be regarded as virtues.

Would torture be defended as necessary to have a democracy.

Would requiring a millionaire to pay an extra $25,000 in taxes be regarded as sending him to the poor house.

Would a president select a person to be Secretary of Education who has never taught children for at least three years.

Would a teacher not be appointed to be Secretary of Commerce.


Following are unlikely jobs for people in high places.

SARAH PALIN: Governor of New York.

TEA PARTY ACTIVIST: Counselor to Homeless who need health care.

BENJAMIN NETANYAHU: Human Rights Lawyer in Cairo.

JACOB ZUMA: Director of HIV program in his South Africa.

BILL CLINTON: A comic’s straight man.

GLENN BECK: Strawberry picker in fields of California.

MANNY RAMIREZ: Little league coach.

NANCY PELOSI: Secretary to Sarah Palin.

ARNE DUNCAN: ETS Tester testing success of Cabinet Members.

NEWT GINGRICH: Marriage counselor.