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Dutch Cartoonist Arrested For Stupidity!

The ongoing cartoon wars in Europe over attempts by cartoonists to portray Muslims and dark skinned people as inferior or terrorists. A vigorous debate erupted in the Dutch parliament over the arrest of a cartoonist who had published material the public prosecutor considered to be of such a grave offence as to warrrant a night in jail. Justice Minister Ernst Hirsch raised questions as to whether the arrest on grounds of inciting racial hatred was warranted.

The cartoonist, GregoriousNekscht, published eight cartoons which the public prosecutor claimed were insulting to Muslim and “people with dark skins” and were an example of fostering public hatred. Many MPs thought the reaction of the public prosecutor was out of all proportion to the alleged crime. Some were also concerned if the government was trying to extend the definition of blasphemy by the arrest.

If insulting people through the medium of a cartoon was a criminal action, then thousands of American cartoonists would be in jail, given their constant attacks and mocking of President Bush. Perhaps, if the laws were changed to make criminal insulting white skinned people, we could begin building hundreds of jails to house the criminals. Let cartoonists ply their trade and respect the intelligence of most people.