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Dutch Brace For Riots Over Film

The Duch government is awaiting possible violent protests this week after a provocative anti-Muslim film by a radic al right-wing politician is shown. Geert Wilders intends to show a Koran being torn up and desecrated. He has ensured followers the film will be shown on TV and the Internet regardless of what the government does to attempt suppressing his material. A group, “Stop Islamisation of Europe” is planning to travel to Amsterdam in order to show support for the politician who is now under guard due to fears opponents will make attempts on his life. Wilders announced last fall his desire to make a film depicting fascist elements of the Muslim faith.

Many of those who disagree with Wilders believe he has been able to thrive in the absence of intelligent dialogue regarding issues raised concerning Muslim immigration. Ahmad Badr al-Din Hassoun, the Grant Mufti of Syria, said if Wilders was seen to tear up or burn a Koran, “this will simply mean he is inciting wars and bloodshed.” I disagree with the cleric. The act of tearing up any book, holy or not, is an individual one, and it is not a criminal action. Muslims are entitled to respect and dignity, they are an integral part of the Netherlands community, but they cannot dictate behavior of each person in the nation. Nor, can the government of the Netherlands. At some point, those Muslims who become upset at the Wilders of this world must come to the realization they thrive when you trnasform into martyrs. The most effective anti-Wilders action is to ignore his behavior. He can not thrive in the silence of anonymity.