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The East African Drought Grows

There is constant discussion concerning the existence or non-existence of global warming, but there is no doubt east Africa is experiencing a drought of monumental proportions. cross East Africa, there is an extraordinary drying up of rivers, grasslands, scorching crops and threat to millions of people who face the prospect of starvation. In Kenya, which has a robust economy, rivers that feed game preserves and ensure that hydropower can produce electricity simply are not feeding in water. Sarticho Lenelo noted: “since I was a young man the droughts would come, but these were changes we could cope with. Now, there are carcasses all over and most of the people have lost their animals. Soon the people will start dying.”

In the 1970s there was a major drought every once in the decade. In the 1980s this quickened to once every seven years. In the 1990s, it became once every five years. So nice to know there is no global warming. Tell that to the people of east Africa.