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Pakistan Uncertain About Future

Pakistan is among the most important nations in west Asia that is engaged in fighting against radical Muslim terrorism, but in so doing, it has left itself open to serious internal divisions. In the rugged tribal areas of the northwest, thousands of Pakistani soldiers are fighting the Taliban, al-Qaeda, tribal groups, and elements of the Taliban. A new US Intelligence study estimates Pakistan is over-extending its economic and military strength in this war. According to a letter signed by former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, “Pakistan is going through the worse crisis of its history” and the crisis is moving the nation toward “anarchy” if it continues on this path.

The energy crisis is increasing due to rise in fuel costs, billions of dollars are fleeing the nation, and political divisions increasingly make it difficult to have a united front in dealing with the host of problems impacting the nation.

Many Pakistanis blame America for exerting pressure on Pakistan to fight against terrorism despite the economic, social, and political strain such warfare causes the country. Many Pakistani officials want to cooperate with American demands, but their military might not be able to implement the goal of victory. What then?