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Religion In Art Exam In Egypt

Muslims throughout the world exploded in anger when a Danish cartoonist depicted Muhammed in a cartoon and were furious that a Christian artist dared get involved in their religion. I wonder whether those protestors would join Christian Egyptian parents who complained an art exam required their children to depict Muslim religious activities. The Egyptian Union for Human Rights(EHUR) submitted a complaint to the MInister of Education because in a preparatory school exam in art students were required to depict the Hajj ritual of standing atop Mount Arafat, where Muslim pilgrims hold their hands up in supplication. Parents were shocked that an art exam included material better suited to a class in Islamic studies.

They also complained the Innovative Design Question asked students to design an image of the Kaaba. One wonders how Muslim students would react if a Christian teacher asked them on an examination to design a church. I am certain streets of angry protestors would be yelling all over the world at this insult to Muslim students. Surely, there is no need to bring religion into an art examination.