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Muslim Brotherhood- To Trust Or Not To Trust?

The government of President Mubarak has long been hostile to the Muslim Brotherhood which it claims seeks to overthrow democracy in Egypt and substitute a fundamentalist religious government that would be hostile to secular voices and those of women. MOhammad Habib, in an interview with the Daily News of Cairo rejected those complaints and reaffirmed his organization wanted to maintain democracy. “We have declared from pinciple that we accept democracy that allows political pluralism, the peaceful transition of power and the right of people lto choose who rules them.” Habib emphasized the goals of the Muslim Brotherhood was creation of a civil state with an islamic refrence, but a state that has executive, judicial and legislative branches that are separate from religion.

There are models in the Middle East for Muslim led governments. In Turkey the Justice and Development Party has maintained secular rights and respected those who oppose their government. On the other hand, the Iran model is a religious theocracy. Which path will the Muslim Brotherhood pursue?