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Hamas Furious At Arab Exclusion!

Hamas Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh was furious at the denial of his group to be part of the foreign ministers who met in Cairo to discuss the Fatah-Hamas dispute. He insisted foreign ministers had to hear from Hamas what they believed are the causes of their conflict with the Palestinian Authority and not receive that information from second hand sources. He declared his group is committed to a truce in Gaza even as Kassam rockets were being fired into Israel. “I have met,” he said, “with armed factions over the past few days and they stated their position clearly: they are committed to calm as long as(Israel) abides by it.”

Kassam rockets continue hitting Israel leading to blockades of Gaza, attacks on militants and so on. There are reports Israel has assured Jordan’s King Abdullah there is no plan for any major offense in Gaza. It would be beneficial if both sides implemented what they continue saying in public statements.