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An Egyptian Crime-Aiding Christian Converts

Afterr sixteen momths in prison without any charges being filed, two young Egyptian Christians were finally released. Their crime was to assist a Muslim woman who converted from her faith to Christianity. It is almost impossible for Egytians converting to Christianity to have their ID cards changed as the conversion is considered apostasy in the Muslim country. Without ID cards, Egyptians cannot apply for jobs, buy property, open bank accounts or register their children in school. Wael Aziz and Rumani Fuad forged an identiy card for the woman so she could be able to function in the ordinary affairs of Egyptian society.

Hossam Bahgat, of the Egyptian Initiative for Personal Rights(EIPR), argued: “Any person criminally convicted for having obtaine forged identity documents soley because of the government’s refusal to allow them to identify themselves as converts from Islam should be exonerated.”

What can one say, but Mr. Bahgat is absolutely correct.