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Rigged Egypt Election Reduces Turnout

The Egyptian government has been denying members of the Muslim Brotherhood their rightto engage freely in local elections which proved a major factor in reducing the number of people who actually decided to vote. Some human rights groups estimated only about two perent of those eligible to vote actually got around to casting a ballot. Mahdi Akef, Supreme Guide of the Muslim Brotherhood, condemned actions by the Mubarak government which denied members of his organization from even being able to register to vote, let alone cast a ballot. It was estimated about 90% of seats up for election were held by members of the Mubarak National Democratic Party who were running unoppsed.

The Mubarak government each year becomes ever more distant from the needs and aspirations of the Egyptian population. By denying the democratic process his party gains a temporary victory, but, in the end, the only winner will be forces of violence and terrorism. Rising prices, lack of job opportunities and denial of democratic rights are bound to eventually turn most Egyptians to cast their eyes in the direction of those who promise to improve their lives.