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Dissension In Israel Conflict Over Palestine State

The coalition Cabinet put together by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is sharply divided on the issue of a two state solution. Defense Minister Ehud Barak once again made clear his commitment to a two state solution. “An Israel plan for a regional solution is a central axis of Israel’s policy in the coming years… Israel must cooperate with the US in formulating the details of the solution.” Barak said he supported the Obama plan for a Palestinian state and some modifications of the West Bank settler issue. However, Barak still believes Israel can not accept the return of Palestinian refugees.

Naturally, Avigdor Lieberman insisted there can not be a Palestinian state and his nation must stand tough and not be intimidated by the outside world. Lieberman lives in a fantasy world as do those Israelis who believe the current situation can continue into the indefinite future. A Palestinian state must come into reality. That is step one in creating a peaceful Middle East.