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Finnish Student Kills At Least Nine

At least eight people were killed in a shooting at a school in Kokela, north of Helsinki. Five boys and two girls were killed along with the school’s head teacher. The shooter, an eighteen year old pupil entered the school armed with a shotgun and after his killing spree, shot himself in the head. Tuomas Hulkkonen, a member of the graduating class knew the shooter since boyhood and claimed the boy in recent days was behaving in a strange manner. He drew many pictures of firearms and when asked about them, insisted he was only joking. Ateacher at the school described the boy as a militant radical who was interested in both extreme left and extreme right wing ideas and had a deep interest in history and philosophy.

There were references on Internet over the past few days about an impending school attack and in one package there is a photograph of a hand gun wearing a tee-shirt with the slogan, “Humanity is Overrated.” There was also an information packet which included a text of about 1,000 words under the title, “Manifesto of a Natural Selector”
“I cannot say that I am of the same race as this miserable, arrogant and selfish human race. No! I have evolved a step higher.” The text ends with: “To each and what they deserve.”

The pattern continues. A loner, an isolate, wandering through school ignored by those in authority and delving into radical forms of thinking. No one is to blame and yet we bear some responsibility for creating schools in which test score rankings are much more important to political leaders than an emphasis on individual attention to children.