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Tanzanian Religious Leaders Oppose Gays

Over a hundred years ago, kindly Christian missionaries brought the word of God to the savage people of Africa. Of course, along with “God,” they brought the fruits of bigotry and hatred toward those who are different. The Evangelical Lutheran Church in Tanzania(ELCT) made clear its opposition to any form of gay relationships. ELCT’s executive council told the world, “Those in same sex marriages, and those who support the legitimacy of such marriages, shall not be invited to work in the ELCT.” They also made clear “those people” could keep their money. According to their church doctrine, marriage can only occur “between two people of the opposite sex.” They warned Tanzanians to beware false prophets from other nations who spread the word of the Devil by supporting immoral same sex marriages.

From the ELCT perspective, there can be change, but, just as humans have ears and eyes, they must oppose the concept of same-sex relationships. Of course, same-sex relationships go back before the birth of Christianity and they have been in virtually all human societies, but bishops of ELCT contacted Jesus and secured his support to hate those who differ. After all, isn’t that the message of Christ–hate,hate, hate??