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The Long Count In Zimbabwe-Mugabe Down But Not Out

Robert Mugabe was a rebel leader in his nation’s fight for independence against Great Britain so the prospect of laying low out of sight of those who can defeat you is not unknown to him. At present, he has forced the Zimbabwe Election Commission to lay even lower and refuse to reveal the presidential totals for an election that was over 10 days ago. Unfortunately, for the president, someone in his office forgot to check his own election law which only allows a recount of parliamentay votes to occur within 48 hours after polls close. It is now 240 hours and the clock of honesty is ticking ever louder. There is no legal procedure to recount votes in a presidential election, but, most probably Robert Mugabe will find a loophole to allow that recount to take place.

The winner of the presidential election, Morgan Tsvangirai, is on a diplomatic tour attempting to persuade South African and African Union leaders to intervene in the name of democracy for the people of Zimbabwe.

The official newspaper of the Mugabe government, The Herald, announced Tsvangirai was in a panic because he knew if a run-off would be held, the beloved Mugabe would easily win and was now begging the president to give him a job as a vice president. The forces of oppression in Zimbabwe will not go easily and the issue increasingly must be resolved by outside forces such as South Africa or the African Union.