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Iran Election Results — The Truth Or Fabrication?

Thousands of copies of an alleged secret document sent by the Interior Ministry to Supreme Leader, Ali Khamenei, the day after the election supposed reveal the real final results of the presidential election. Students are holding the document in their hands as they continue demonstrating for a government that truly reflects the will of the people. At least fifteen people have died at the hands of President Ahmadinejad’s thugs and apparently the army is now holding off from further attacks on students. Over fifty members of Parliament are demanding an investigation into the beating and killing of students at Tehran University and many others want an investigation into election tallies. There is a strange mood of anger, anxiety, fear, and optimism among Iranian students as they wonder if their march for freedom may actually result in change.

The alleged secret document sent by the Interior Ministry to Khamenei concludes with the following information: “therefore for your information only, I am telling you the actual results as follows:

Mirhossein Mousavi: 19,675,023

Mehdi Karrabi: 13,387104

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad: 5,698,417.

Are those actual figures? The figures prove the need for a complete recount of ballots.

Mugabe! Ye Have Tarried Too Long, Begone!

The ongoing saga of March elections in Zimbabwe continue with the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission still insisting it is pursuing the onerous task of counting ballots. But, try as he may to alter reality, Robert Mugabe still can not get the vote count to turn out as he desires. The Electoral Commission says it has once again completed counting parliamentary results and they still indicate the Movement for Democratic Change secured a majority, and “once this process hs been completed, the process of verification of the presidential candidates will commence tomorrow.” Morgan Tsvangirai of the MDC insists it it time for the”old man(to)go and have an honourable rest.”

Reality is that counting votes has nothing to do with determining who won or lost the election, the only thing that counts, is for Mugabe to leave and allow a new generation of Zimbabweans dedicated to democracy to assume leadership. In a sense, only one vote counts in this election, that of Robert Mugabe.

Zimbabwe Style Election -Winner Is The Loser!

Morgan Tsvangirai, head of the Movement for Democratic Change in Zimbabwe won the most votes in the presidential election, but, according to the rules of elections as practiced by President Robert Mugabe, the real intention of voters in casting more votes for his opponent was to let the world know they really wanted Mubage to remain in office. Tsvangirai is now in South Africa in an attempt to get other African nations to exert pressure on Mugabe. South African President Mibeki was of little assistance since his basic response was the situation in Zmbabwe was “manageable,” whatever they means. However, Jacob Zuma, leader of the African National Congress condemned refusal on the part of the Zimbabwe government to release voting figures even though 10 days have passed. Zuma made it clear that keeping the people of Zimbabwe and the international community in suspense was “wrong.”

In the meantime, thugs are beating up people in areas where there was strong opposition to the president and the Zimbabwe Election Commission told the courts they are unable to release the voting tallies due to pressure being exerted on them by the president.

Sound Of Silence Deafening In Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe and his top aides are still debating how to handle the current situation in which the entire world knows the Movement for Democratic Change won the election held last week. Mugabe has overseen his nation’s decline from being an economic model for Africa to becoming its basket case in which average life expectancy has dropped to 36 and 80% of people lack work. The opposition MDC has lodged a court application demanding release of figures from last week’s presidential election. The current situation is shocking given that nearly a week has passed without the Election Commission revealing final figures on the election.

On one hand the government newspaper the Daily Herald has been discussing the possbility of a run off while some diplomtic sources wonder if Mugabe realy wants to go through the process of another election and the need to blatantly doctor results in order to win. In either case, he has become a laughing stock in the world. The only results provided by the Election Commission is that the MDC did gain a majority in Parliament with 109 seats to 97 for the government party, Zanu-PF.

It is time for the Africa Union to issue a strong statement urging Mugabe to leave for the peace and security of the entire region. At the minimum, a visit by leaders such as President Mbeki of South Africa might be beneficial.

Iranian Reformers Question Election Results

Reform opponents of Pesident Mahmoud Ahmadinejad questioned the process by which votes were counted in the recent election that witnessed conservative candidates obtained nearly 70% of the vote. They were particularly upset that conservatives won all 19 seats from Tehran despite the presence of many young students and intellectuals who oppose the conservative regime of Ahmadinejad. Former President Mohammad Khatami and ex-parliament speaker Mehdi Karoubi, both leading reformists, called for a recount because of “worries regarding the outcome of elections in Tehran and in order to prevent any possible violation of rights.”

Reformers were prevented from running their own candidates in many districts due to their nominations being blocked by the Guardian Council which opposes true reform in Iran. However, even though conservatives won an overwhelming majority, many in the conservative camp oppose the current president’s policies and want changes.

Iran struggles with a huge population of young people whose aspirations for education and employment is blocked by the current inept economic and political policies of Ahmadinejad who has caused sanctions to be imposed against his nation.

Kenya Seeking Peaceful Way To Resolve Election Dispute

There is a lull in the violence which has wracked Kenya since President Kibaki claimed victory in the recent race for the presidency. Members of the Kenya Electoral Commission are considering asking the courts to organize an independent audit of election tallies in order to ascertain if Kibaki was actually the winner. At least two members of the commission already have had their homes burned to the ground in rural areas of the country where violence still has not completely abated. The Kenya constitution allows any citizen to seek judicial review of an issue, but some experts claim it may not be feasible for the Electoral Commission to be the agent seeking a recount. Raila Odinga of the opposition Orange Democratic Movement fears it may be too late to undertake an audit since key documents may have been “doctored.”

The international community is upset and concerned at events that occurred in Kenya. There is little doubt the final tally for the presidential race is not accurate. Most foreign observers like Britain’s Foreign Minister David Miliband are urging mediation. So far, President Kibaki has ruled out an interim coalition government which is desired by the ODM opposition and insists only the courts can over rule election results. But, is that possible if key documents have already been altered?

Dueling Election Numbers in Kenya Cause Chaos

Kenya conducted a democratic election which was supposed to produce a president who had clearly gained a majority of the vote. Unfortunately, there are widely different vote results at this point in time. The opposition party, the Orange Democratic Movement, claims the vote results are 4,215,000 for its candidate Raila Odinga and 3,715,000 for the incumbent President KIbaki. However, the Election Commission is offering a different set of numbers claiming the vote is 3,880,000 for Odinga and 3,842,000 for President Kibaki. There are some reports of violence in Nairobi although, overall, the election was conducted in a fair manner.

One problem about the Election Commission results is that at least 20 top level ministers in the current government were defeated for seats in parliament. Ordinarily, when a government suffers such dramatic loss among its top leadership it is indicative that the electorate is voting for the opposition. The nation of Kenya waits anxiously for final figures and if they reveal a victory for President Kibaki, one can expect justifiable complaints from the opposition.