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Zimbabwe Deal In Making?

Dictators who finally see the handwriting on the wall usually turn to make a deal with those who have defeated them. The core of any deal is exemption from prosecution for past misdeeds. Morgan Tsvangirai, leader of the Movement for Democratic Change who apparently obtained about 60% of the vote reportedly is in secret discussions with military leaders and the defeated Zanu-PF party to work out a peaceful transition of power. He has made clear, “There is no way the MDC will enter into any deal until the ZEC(Zimbabwean Electoral Commission) has confirmed the (election) results.

The situaton appears somewhat confused since the Zanu-PF claims to be winning in about 50% of parliament contests which makes little sense in light of large majorities for the MDC in the presidential election. There are unconfirmed reports the military would back off from its promise not to recognize any other victor but Mugabe. If those reports are accurate, it will be the end of Mugabe.

Mugabism- I Win- You Lose- Prove Me Wrong!

Robert Mugabe lost an election and, most probably, received about 35% of the vote for president but his cronies are now claiming he received 43% and since Tsvangirai only received 48% it is time for round two of the farce known as an election in Zimbabwe. Virtully all observers and all tallies in local polling station claim Tsvangirai obtained at least 60% of the vote but since he never received a 100% it is time for a second round. Mugabe insists his Election Commission is providing honest figures but the world wants to know why it continues to delay giving out the actual figures.

There is little doubt if a second round is held the outcome will result in a victory by Mugabe. Most probably, his figure will be about 51% since the good dicatator doesn’t want to come across as being blatantly dishonest.

Mugabe did not lose an election, the people of Zimbabwe once again were the losers.

Iranian Election An Exercise In Futility

Today’s parliamentary election in Iran culminates boring weeks of campaigning in which in more commonly lackluster conservative candidates vied for votes and a smaller number of reform candidates tried to get across their message of hope. Many iranians are upset at soaring inflation and high unemployment and wanted an opportunity to vote for candidates who were interested in their concerns. However, the unelected Guardian Council took care to guard voters aganst having real choices for change. One Iranian political analyst commented: “There is discontent with foreign policy and inflation, but the nuclear issue has so far played to the government’s benefit.” There is also a high probabillity many critics of President Ahmadinejad will not bother to vote given the lack of choice available.

In an Iranian election, reform groups are only able to seriously contest about one-third of seats up for election. It is difficult to mount an effective and honest election when those opposing the government are barred from running. This is what is called “Iranian democracy in action.”

Zimbabwe Democracy Means Opposition Parties Lose

European Union and American observers are being excluded from examining the validity of the March 29th election in Zimbabwe. Apparently, those nations do not yet grasp the meaning of an election held under the rule of Robert Mugabe. Zimbabwean Foreign Minister Simbarashe Mumbengegwi informed the world, “Clearly those who believe that the only free and fair election is where the oppostion wins,” will not allowed to supervise the electoral process. President Mugabe is a strong adherent of the view that once in power, always in power and therefore allowing opposition parties to gain victory upsets the democratic process. However, in a spirit of fairness, President Mugabe laid open the possibility if the United States allows his observers to monitor the US presidental race, he might be open to allowing foreigners to watch his heavy handed work at ensuring being re-elected.

Another Mugabe “victory” may spark violence in the nation since the vast majority of people are suffering under an inflation rate of 100,000% and the departure of millions who had to leave their nation in order to get a job. Like most petty minded dictators, Mugabe expresses contempt for opposition parties and demands. But, every group of people has a breaking point and it may burst forth next month after Mugabe “wins” another election.

Elections — Zimbabwe Style–Dish Out The Corn!

Robert Mugabe has been president of Zimbabwe for nearly three decades during which time he has completely wrecked his nation’s economy, made half the population unemployed, and forced millions to flee in search of a decent life. Mugabe is once again running for president but he ran into a problem when his Finance Minister, Sima Makoni, turned against him and decided to run for president. Makoni has asked members of the ruling Zanu PF to stand with him in opposing the dictatorial rule of Mugabe. But, in the world of Mugabism, opposition is not something to be taken lightly. Makoni supporters are encountering threats of violence and there is blatant vote buying. In the town of Masvingo, a government minister dstributed free sport kits to children and in western Zimbabwe, people recieved 50kg bags of corn meal.

The nations of the African Union have stood by silently while fellow Africans are abused and threatened without saying or doing anything. The least members of the African Union can do is to send election observers into Zimbabwe and try to protect the rights of people to enjoy a free election.

Strange Ways Of A Russian Election!

The people of Russia have an extraordinary opportunity to actually engage in an electoral process, but the manner of this so-called free election raise many questions. Deimitry Medvedev, chosen successor of President Vladmir Putin, enjoys constant publicity and literally unlimited access to the media. The benevolent leader, Putin, wants to ensure his protege has no last minute problems when people enter a polling booth so each and every voter will be provided access to a large placard which indicates the income of candidates and which ones did not reveal their actual income. Take a guess as to which of the four comes out clean as a whistle? Yes, Mr. Medvedev. Other candidates will be branded as having not told the truth about their income. For example, Gennady Zyuganov will be portrayed as receiving a gift from a group but there is no mention of this donation on his reported income. According to Zyuganov, he received a medal and certificate from an organization for his work with orphanages, the cost of the medal is the source of the “unreported income.” I guess the cost of the certificate is not counted– or is it?

Welcome to the world of Vladmir Putin who wants everything neat and clean and, above all, his man must win and win big.

Clinton Strategy-Marginalize Obama-Recipe For Victory?

Senator Hllary Clinton and her mate, former president Bill Clinton, undoubtedly have a strategy of seeking to transform Barack Obama into a “black candidate” and in the process endeavor to ruin his run for the presidential nomination. Obama gained a victory in South Carolina but it came mainly through efforts of black voters, he only obtained abou 20% of his vote from white South Carolinians. On the other hand, Senator Clinton was not an overwhelming favorite of white males, an issue that continues to haunt her quest for victory in the primaries. There is a broader issue for the Clintons–is a strategy based on creating racial tensions one that befits the American people? Will Americans grow weary of the Clintons for their divisiveness? Will the strategy backfire in the coming election if Hillary Clinton gains the nomination but so angers black Americans voters and liberals they vote with their feet by not showing up in November to cast ballots?

It increasingly is becoming evident Senator Clinton will go to any length in her quest to come across as “tough” even if it results in defeat for her party in November. She has put aside what is important for the nation because of what is important for herself-winning a nomination. What price salvation, Senator Clinton? Is it worth it to obtain a nomination but in the process lose your soul?