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US Second Worst In Carbon Dioxide Emissions

The annual Climate Change Performance Index that was recently released showed Sweden as doing the most outstanding job while the United States was deemed to be second from last among nations of the world in confronting this serious global issue. The index compiled by Germanwatch, a nonprofit climate research institute based in Berlin and Bonn, evaluates and ranks the climate protection performance of 56 industrialized nations that account for 90% of global carbon emissions. On this year’s list, Sweden retained its top spot while Saudi Arabia was deemed the most irresponsible emitter among the world’s major economies. Of course, the United States followed closely behind its ally. The scale weighs three factors, emissions(50% of a nation’s score, upward or downward trend of total emissions(30%), and the strength of a government’s climate policies(20%). The index rank is from one(very good) to five(very poor). The average of the 56 nations is 3.9. Compared to last year, Denmark, Ireland, and Japan slipped while Mexico, Spain and China made marked improvements.

Hopefully, a change in administration in 2008 will result in a government which is concerned that the United States rise rather than fall in this index of responsibility.