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British Flag Lowered In Iraq

Six years ago, British Prime Minister Tony Blair allowed himself to buy into the hysteria of George Bush and send thousands of UK soldiers into combat in Iraq in order to destroy WMD that never existed. Six years have passed during which terrorism has grown in power due to mistakes made by Blair and his American buddy. Iraq never posed any threat to world security by Blair played a role in creating large numbers of terrorists in Iraq and later in Afghanistan. Prime Minister Gordon Brown who played a role in the fatal decision to invade Iraq, hailed the closing of the venture by saying, “Today, Iraq is a success story… Our mission has not always been an easy one, many have said that we would fail.”

Gordon Brown never addressed the issue that he was part of a government which lied to the people of Great Britain and sent hundreds of men to their death based on lies. Iraq was never a threat to the UK and it is not yet clear whether Saddam Hussein could have been removed by other means. A lie can never end as being a success.