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Drug Use Soars In England As Blair Policy Proves Incompetent!

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair was not only enamored of his beloved American friend, George Bush, but he also actually believed the American FBI knew how to deal with drug problems. Blair created an FBI style the Serious Organized Crime AGency(SOCR) to crush the influx of drugs into Great Britain. Last year approximately 3 tons of drugs were seized compared to over 9 tons in 2004-2005. SOCR has proved to be as much a fiasco as Blair’s policy in supporting the war in Iraq. Drugs are flooding the nation resulting in a dramatic drop in the price of heroin from $140 a gram ten years ago to $90 a gram in 2007. Ironically, the overall drug use in England has probably dropped due to a decrease by young people in using cannabis. Drug experts point out today one can walk the streets of London and get your pick of the drug of your desire. In sections of north London like Camden Town, drug sellers merely wait until the police walk by and then return to openly selling their wares. Most police believe the switch from a local police effort to a centralized national approach has proved to be disastrous.

This writer opposes all drug laws and argues for the government to establish a monopoly on drugs. A combination of controlling all drug use under proper medical supervision and extensive educational programs concerning the harmful effects of drugs will do more to reduce drug use than the current system which only results in crime and enormous financial power given drug lords. America has over 600,000 drug users in jail where they receive an education in becoming a criminal and costs society about $35,000 a year for their imprisonment. Rehabilitation should be the focus of drug programs since drugs cause incredible damage to the physical and mental lives of humans. Drug users need to be medically supervised and provided psychological and counseling assistance as well as access to meaningful work if we desire to win the war against drugs. I hate drugs but also recognize the current approach has only resulted in devastating societies all over the world by giving enormous financial power to sick and violent drug lords.