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European Union Grapples With Congo Issue

About seventy years ago, Great Britain stood alone as the only nation still fighting the horror of a Nazi German triumph. There were voices in America which said assisting England would be foolish and only lead to terrible problems for America including the possibility its own citizens would wind up dead. In 2008, the British government is taking the lead to halt any intervention on the part of the European Union to provide assistance to the people of the Congo who face an enemy as blood thirsty and cruel as Nazi Germany. Britain is refusing to take part in any armed intervention to save thousands of people who face death while females fear rape. Several nations and human rights groups are urging dispatch of troops to protect innocent civilians, but the UK and Germany stand opposed.

The UN has a force of 17,000 which supposedly can do something in a country equal in size to Texas. UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon says thousands will die unless more troops are on the scene, but England will not act. Of course, Tony Blair was willing to send thousands of troops on a mission over nothing, but today, when real problems exist, there are few voices in the British government urging providing help.

What Has Happened To British Humanity For Refugees?

Throughout the past two hundred years asylum seekers from all corners of the globe always knew that Great Britain would open its arms in welcome for those who needed refugee from tyranny. Karl Marx enjoyed the protection of England against German officials. But, today, the Home Office made clear it would ignore last minute pleas from asylum seekers for a chance to get support from courts. The British government has hired a charted plane to take back to brutality or death people who had come to England in hope of respect for their rights. According to the Home Office, it may, “in line with enforcement operational instructions, decide not to defer removal in the face of a last-minute threat or application to seek permission for judicial review.”

Supporters of Nigerians who fear returning home believe the Home Office letter was intimidating and a threat of action regardless of the need for further study. England has hundreds of thousands of immigrants but according to the Home Office a few hundred more will undermine the nation.

Britain Plans To Tap Power Of The Sea

Great Britain is considering the possibility of constructing the world’s largest tidal power station which has the potential of providing 5% of the nation’s power. The Severn River is the longest one in England and during the spring, it transforms the 350 kilometer-long river into a surfer’s paradise when violent flood waves come crashing into the river’s narrow mouth from the Atlantic. the 16 kilometer(7.4 mile) barrier spanning the inlet between southern England and south Wales would be the world’s largest. Its turbines would have the capacity to deliver an extraordinary amount of green-powered energy whose energy output would be the equivalent of eight nuclear power plants. It is estimated when completed the waves would produce enough energy to handle 5% of the entire nation’s needs.

Several environmental groups have spoken out against the project because it would threaten a number of species and their habitats. There is no question the world will continually encounter such dilemmas, should the interest of animal life take precedence over human needs for energy. One might argue that not doing such projects would save the lives of thousands of birds, but continuing to rely on traditional forms of energy also destroy animal lives. The era of easy choices about energy are over.

Sarkozy-Brown Announce African Education Venture

President Nicola Sarkzoy and Prime Minister Gordon Brown announced a joint British/French fund to improve education for over 16 million children in Africa by 2012. The two leaders discussed a range of topics including consruction of more nuclear facilities in Britain by the French utility company, EDF and a conference for non-nuclear nations interested in developing civilian atomic programs. Their meeting may well mark the birth of a new French/British axis in the world. Sakozy addressed Parliament and outlined ways in which the two nations could become a force for peace in the world. He also promised to reform the Agricultural Program which has been a major British concern for years.

The French president also urged the two nations to work with America and persuade that nation to become more environmentally pro-active. Sarkozy’s talk deeply impressed many members of Parliament and pointed the way to a new era of cooperation between the nations.

The world is witnessing the emergence of new power configurations such as a British-French alliance as well as France’s alliance with Germany. One can expect in the coming years these nations will become an unoffiical bloc exerting pressure on the United States. Senator McCain has already indicated if he is elected president there will be a new American desire to seek cooperation with the world and abandon the unilateral philosophy of George Bush who wants to be the decider-in-chief.

Gordon Brown Cooling Down On ID Cards

Labor membrs of parliament were pleased that Prime Minister Gordon Brown is less enthusiastic about the idea of requiring all people in Great Britian to carry identification cards. In several recent statements he indicated it would be up to Parliament to make the decision as to whether or not each citizen would have to be in possession of an ID. When challenged by Conservative Party leader, David Cameron, about his position on the topic, Brown indicated he supported IDs, but would leave it up to Parliament for the final decision. All signs are if left to Parliament, the issue is dead on delivery.

Although Brown appears to be backing away from ID cards for the nation, he might try an end run and attempt a pilot progrm for immigrants and non-citizens. There is scant evidence foreigners are militants and most terrrist caught in Great Britain were born in the country.

British Think Tank Claims Taliban Rule Half Of Afghanistan

A new report by the Senlis Council of Great Britain charges that over half of Afghanistan is now essentially under the de facto control of the Taliban which uses sale of opium to fund its operations. The Afghanistan government denies the figure claiming it is widely exaggerated and that the vast majority of their nation is under its control. Senlis argues there are too few NATO troops and the ones in the country are widely dispersed which makes for difficulty in establishing firm control. Senlis claims that while NATO troops can defeat the Taliban in many battles, once their troops withdraw from an area, Taliban forces return. The 40,000 NATO force must at least be doubled in size to become effective. Senlis also noted that while billions of dollars have been spent on Afghanistan reconstruction, “as in Iraq, too much aid is absorbed by profits of companies and subcontractors on non-Afghan resources and on high expatriate salaries and living costs.”

The Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld strategy of a lightening operation by a small force and then withdrawal has been thoroughly discredited by virtually every military expert in the world. It was never a strategy to gain control of a large nation which is mainly rural in character. Afghanistan requires thousands more troops to do the job that could have been accomplished back in 2001 when Bush and his cronies withdrew them in order to prepare for the Iraq fiasco. In prior American wars, the military handled projects now being dealt with by private contractors, that’s why in the old days a dollar spent was a dollar spent on reconstruction, not on making civilians wealthy.

Radical Health Proposal In England-Libertarian Paternalism!

Is it time for radical new ideas about health? Is it time for government to take a more active role ensuring the health of its citizens? Professor Julian Le Grand, chair of Health England, told an audience about his new ideas to take a dramatic attack in dealing with health problems in England. His nation currently leads European Union nations with a 24.2% obesity rate. He came out for a vigorous program ensuing people exercised and a strategy to reduce smoking which still remains among the leading killers of people. Under his proposal, companies would be required to offer an “exercise hour” during working hours that enables people to engage in physical exercise programs. He also proposes requiring individuals who wish to smoke to purchase a “smoking license” each year -perhaps even requiring a doctor’s signature -that would be produced when purchasing cigarettes. Le Grand argues for a form of “libertarian paternalism” in which government takes a proactive role to ensure people’s health. It also requires individuals to “opt in” each year to their decision to continue smoking with all money obtained from the licenses going to the National Health Service.

The Le Grand suggestions represent an interesting new approach to smoking and exercise. He goes as far as insisting no one under the age of 18 could obtain a “smoking license,” The idea of forcing the business world to allow time for exercise makes sense, and giving people the choice of opting in or out of the exercise still maintains their right of individual choice. Something has to be done in modern society to improve the health of people.

Sudan Asylum Seekers In England Returned To Torture

Asylum seekers in England from the Sudan and Darfur are being returned to certain beatings and torture by the same intelligence figures who are sponsoring attacks upon the people of Darfur. The Aegis Trust, a charity campaigning against genocide in Darfur, has documentary evidence of people who were deported from England back to the Sudan only to be brutally assaulted by members of the Sudan intelligence. As one man stated: “They tied my legs and hung me upside down. They would leave me like that sometimes six or seven hours, sometimes all day.” The Aegis Trust has been smuggling out of the Sudan people who were deported from England.

England is the land which in the 1840s gave refuge to Karl Marx, a German revolutionary, and founder of communism. Throughout the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, the people of Great Britain have offered a warm welcome and refuge to those fleeing brutal dictatorships. It is shocking that the Gordon Brown government continues Tony Blair’s policy of returning dissidents to the horror of the Sudan. It is the Sudanese government which sponsors genocide in Darfur. Can anyone expect such a government to behave with decency and restraint towards individuals who sought asylum abroad?

Immigration Wars In England

British politics is being impacted by arguments concerning immigration. On one end of the political spectrum, the right wing racist British National Party is urging restrictive laws on immigration while the Conservative Party is attempting to determine how to appeal to the electorate. David Cameron, head of the Conservative Party, is siding with those in his party urging a swing toward anti-immigration in order to siphon votes away from the BNP. Many critics argue such an appeal might gain votes but runs the risk of turning away moderates who are not satisfied with the Labor Party.

There are now 200,000,000 migrants living in countries throughout the world. This world wide phenomenon is creating serious political issues as demagogues vie for votes by appealing to the baser instincts in people.