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Irish Eyes Not Coming-Is It An Irish Lullaby?

The decision by Irish voters to vote no against changes in the European Union has placed a damper on virtually any positive changes including the possibility of new countries entering the union. French President Sarkozy told Reuters news agency: “No Lisbon, no enlargement. I would find it very strange for a Europe of 27 institutions to agree on adding a 28th, a 29th, a 30th, a 31st which would definitely make things worse.” The EU is currently meeting to discuss strategies of what to do in light of the Irish block of majority views. Janez Jansa, Prime Minister of Slovenia, which is the current presiding state, argued that new members should not be “a victim of Ireland.”

At some point, the European Union has to agree to new principles for change. Allowing a single state to halt the work of the majority is neither a logical nor feasible manner of managing a complex organization such as the European Union. It might be preferable to move towards either a two-thirds or three-fifths compromise which certainly demonstrates widespread support for change.