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Environment Minister Bans Ads On Climate Change

Environment Minister Sammy Wilson has banned government television advertisements which deal with the effects of climate change. Mr. Wilson said he was not going to inject into the consciousness of Irish people the “insidious New Labor propaganda” which tries to get across outrageous ideas such as there might be global warming or stuff like that going on in the world. Minister Wilson is concerned that if we continue discussing topics such as global warming it will impact the wallets and lives of people and most are “not prepared to bear the massive financial consequences.” Environment Minister Sammy Wilson must be among the last environment ministers who believe that global warming is some sort of hoax by those damn “liberals” to frighten good God fearing folk.

Mr. Wilson is all for some sort of energy efficiency stuff but he will have nothing to do with the “fear factor how this whole climate change issue is being addressed.” He much prefers putting his head in the sand and pretending nothing is happening.