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Turkish Students Investigated For Terrorism!

Turkey has been confronted with evidence a group of influential members of the military, journalists, businessmen and others were engaged in a plot to overthrow the Turkish government which is led by the Muslim centered Justice and Development Party. Thousands of innocent students have somehow become embroiled in a political dispute because they received financial assistance from the Contemporary Living Association(CYDD). This organization provides scholarships to girls from poverty backgrounds and investigators have been attempting to form a linkage between CYDD and the Ergenekon plot.

These days is is virtually impossible for individuals to become subject to investigation because they donated money to X charity or their name got on an organization’s mailing list — not difficult to occur in the modern age. But, to conduct an investigation of 15,000 scholarship girls borders on madness. The girls were happy to receive financial aid and not one in a thousand had any idea what some members of CYDD were or were not planning. This is McCarthyism at its worst and young women are the object.

Did Turkish Government Aid Killer Of Christians?

One of the suspects on trial for the murder of three Christian missionaries last year insisted that he was guaranteed “state support” if he carried out the murder. Three Christian missionaries were killed in the Zirve publishing house in April, 2007. Emre Gunaydin, one of the suspects who was caught at the scene of the crime, testified that a man named Varol Bulent Aral had assured him the government would support him if he carried out the murder.” He promised me state support. He should explain this to the court.”

The question as to whether the Turkish government played a role is still unclear. The man named Aral was concerned about Christian missionaries and their supposed connection to the outlawed Kurdistan Worker’s Party. There are indications that Aral might have been linked to the Ergenekon gang whose members include former members of the Turkish military.

Suspects In Turkish Plot Indicted

Turkish officials presented an indictment of the so-called Ergenekon gang which is accused of attempting to incite violence as a prelude to overthrowing the government. The indictment came 13 months after the nation was rocked with news a secret group had plotted to overthrow the government of Prime Minister Erdogan and President Gul who head the Justice and Development Party(AKP). The indictment charges 86 suspects who include former generals in the army, leading academics and politicians of planning to create a diversion of violence in order to justify overthrowing the AKP which they hate for its Muslim leanings.

The case is important because it suggests the existence of an organized plot by those who fear the secular basis of Turkey is being undermined by the AKP. These people allegedly planned a series of violent actions in order to prove Muslim leaders were responsible for the resulting chaos in the country which would then justify intervention by Turkey’s secular minded army leaders.

It remains to be seen if the charge can be proved in a court of law. Some critics believe the charges are an attempt by the AKP to divert attention away from its own legal problems.

First Hand Report Of Shooting At US Embassy

Cinar Kiper, a reporter with the Turkish Daily News, raced to the scene of the shooting at the US embassy, arriving about a half hour after the encounter which resulted in the death of three Turkish policemen and three assailants. Kiper was struck by the “sense of grim normalcy” and the lack of shock on the part of anyone who was standing outside the embassy. “Despite the disappointment of the mass media, the mood was more calm than confused.” Eye witnesses told him they saw the attackers move on the police and believed they were firing pistols and at least one had a shotgun. On eye witness said three bearded men lay next to the police and about four other policemen were lying on the ground with wounds. Most of the crowd was still waiting on line to enter the embassy for their visas and were blocked from leaving by the crowd of police vehicles.

Ambassador Wilson of the United States did not believe the shooting had any connection with the recent round up of members of the Ergenekon organization which was planning a coup to overthrow the Muslim led government of Turkey. The Ergenekon plan was creating confusion in order to portray the nation as on the brink of disaster. It will be interesting as further information emerges whether the attack came from Ergenekon or whether it was connected to al-Qaeda.

Coup Rumors Circulate In Turkey

The Turkish nation is experiencing extreme stress upon its governmental structures as rumors circulate in the capital regarding alleged plots by military leaders to overthrow the government. Last week, police arrested former generals, academics, journalists and even mafia bosses who belonged to the ultranationalist Ergenekan organization which they claimed was preparing a coup to overthrow the government and crush any movement that favors imposing religious practices. Even as the government moved to crush a potential coup, the Turkish Constitutional Court was hearing closing arguments in the case brought by the Public Prosecutor which seeks to close down the Justice and Development Party(AKP) on grounds it is trying to impose fundamentalist Muslim ideas on the nation.

It is clear there is a trust gap on the part of Turkish secular leaders regarding the intention of the AKP’s goals regarding fostering fundamentalist Muslim customs and beliefs on the population. Prime Minister Erdogan insists “the democratic system is working: but the evidence is overwhelming that distrust and fears are powerful emotions which are dividing secular forces from the government.