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Basque Violence In Spain May Escalate

There is considereable concern within Spanish security services that Basque separatists are planning a summer campaign of violence which could include attacks on tourist resorts. During the past weeks there has been an assassination of a former politician and car bombing of a police station. There apparently is determination on the part of Basque leaders to exert tremendous pressure on the government of Prime Minister Zapatero to force accepting their demands. Anti-terrorist police experts believe Eta’s next target may even be the prime minister himself. Zapatero in his first years in office attempted several talks with Eta leaders for a compromise but they invariably ended in failure.

During the past few hundred years, nationalism has triumphed in most parts of the world, but that success has never quelled local feelings by those who stand apart from the sense of national government. The nation of Spain has been around for 500 years, but withing the Basque community there still remain those who seek restoration of what they believe existed prior to the emergence of Spain. The question also is– did that era really exist?