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Ethiopia Blocks Broadcasts In Name Of Freedom

Ethiopia has been a close ally of the United States in east Africa and even accepted urging by former President George Bush to invade Somalia in order to crush Muslim groups. For over half a century the US has broadcast in local Amharic languages in order to foster ideas of democracy and freedom of speech and press. However although the government of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi was receptive to the idea of invading Somalia he certainly was not willing to risk his own political career on something termed, a free election. Many opposition candidates for the upcoming election are in jail or have been physically assaulted. The Voice of broadcast stories about these attacks on freedom of speech and the press. That is not exactly what the government expects from an “ally.”

Prime Minister Meles Zenawi announced that he was closing down the VOA because of its actions to create violence and terror in his nation. He made his disgust with “the objectivity of the servicer” and mad clear his government will be “working on blocking the service.” For some reason, the VOA did not get the message that in Ethiopia, a free election means the government is free to intimidate and kill the opposition without reprisal. How come that was not known at the VOA?

Are Ethiopians Back In Somalia?

Among the many foreign policy mistakes of the Bush administration was encouraging Ethiopia to invade Muslim Somalia. The result was to increase, not decrease, the rise to power of militant Muslim groups. Islamist insurgents in the southern area of the country seized control of town they claim was supported by Ethiopian troops who crossed the border. The Shabaab insurgents, which the US claims has al-Qaeda ties, drove pro-government troops from the town of Bulahawa and insisted that Ethiopian forces had taken part in the action.

A spokesperson for Shabaab claims, “we have defeated the Ethiopian backed militia.” However, an Ethiopian government spokesperson insists, “Ethiopia has no troops inside Somalia.” Let’s hope that is an accurate statement because the last thing necessary at this point in Somalia is to renew an Ethiopian presence in the Islamic land.

Somalia Collapse Continues As People Suffer

Future historians will find scant difficulty identifying causes of the terrible destruction which impacted the Middle East and Africa once they have complete access to the files of George Bush and Dick Cheney. Bombings rock Iraq cities every day because Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld did not have a clue on how to deal with the Iraqi situation. The nation of Somalia which has been in a state of collapse for nearly two decades can thank Bush for creating the current mess. In late 2006, Bush persuaded Christian Ethiopia to invade Somalia to get rid of an Islamist government. After two years of failure, the Ethiopians left and in their wake is still another civil war in Somalia. About 4,500 African Union troops are doing their best to hold off insurgent forces, but the Somalia government has been reduced to control of a small area of the capital, Mogadishu.

Frankly, it is clear the militants will triumph and control a good section of Somalia. The important step for America is to cease interfering in nations like Somalia and to accept Islamic control. That is reality.

Good Bye Mr. Zenawi, A Chip Off The Old Block!

Among the tragedies of twentieth century Africa is a reluctance on the part of leaders to leave office and allow others to assume leadership of the nation. Ethiopian Prime Minister Meles Zenawi is determined to offer a new approach to power –voluntarily surrender power in order to demonstrate that democracy means power changes and life goes on. Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe has refused to surrender power even though he lost the last presidential election and the result is three million have left the nation and unemployment has now reached a level of 90%. Zenawi will not stand for election again. He comes from the Tigray group which only constitutes six percent of the population and his decision is a message to fellow members of the group that they must expand their scope and join in coalitions if their nation is to prosper and become a democracy.

Now, if Zimbabweans could just get their president for life, Robert Mugabe, to head into the setting sun, the nation might be saved from disaster.

Somalia Clings To Existence As Militants Attack

There are no “good guys” or “bad guys” vying for power in Somalia, just religious fanatics seeking to control the nation. Two years ago, ignorant President George Bush persuaded Christian Ethiopia to intervene in the Somalia civil war. After two years, the Ethiopians left and the result was al-Qaeda and other foreign Islamics flocked to Somalia in order to gain control of the country. Somalian President Sharif Sheikh Ahmed has appealed to the outside world for financial and military support since it becomes evident Islamic fundamentalists with their al-Qaeda supporters will soon be in control of the capital. The African Union has backed the appeal for aid, but there is scant evidence it will do anything other than make a pious comment much as they did in the horror of Zimbabwe. No help is coming.

Somalia will soon be completely under the support of Islamic fundamentalists and al-Qaeda which means it is simply a matter of time before American sponsored groups once again invade and continue the ever ongoing tragedy of Somalia. So many concerned about its future, and so many who don’t give a damn about the people of Somalia.

Is Ethiopia Entering Somalia?

The legacy of George Bush lives on and on. In the fall of 2007, Bush encouraged Ethiopia to invade Somalia in order to overthrow an Islamist government. Christian Ethiopia invaded Somalia and destroyed the Islamist government which was replaced by a weak Islamist government. During the ensuing years civil war raged in Somalia as most groups wanted to rid themselves of the Christian Ethiopian invaders. Finally, a few months ago, the Ethiopian army left and a new war broke out in which Islamist groups, including those affiliated with al-Qaeda, have been gaining power.

Witnesses on the border of Ethiopia and Somalia claim Ethiopian troops have crossed over and are establishing check points on roads and in villages. The Ethiopian government denies their presence although its Communication Minister Bereket Simon notes his nation is “not contemplating going back there for the moment.” African Union sources suggest they will return because Ethiopia fears an Islamist force on its border that might stir up Muslims in their nation.

It’s a mess.

Ethiopian Troops Begin Leaving Somalia

In the winter of 2006, President Bush urged Ethiopia to invade the Islamic nation of Somalia in order to overthrow a Muslim fundamentalist government which had gained power. American planes and ships assisted the Ethiopian armed forces and the result was a defeat of the Somalian government. A more pro-western government was installed which soon resulted in the emergence of insurgents. During the past two years, anti-Christian hate against the Ethiopians as invaders of a Muslim nation was a factor in allowing radical Somalian forces to gradually regain control of their nation. There are now reports that hundreds of Ethiopians are beginning the process of evacuating Somalia. This most probably means the now even more radical Islamic government will regain power and there should be a bloody reprisal against anyone who supported the pro-western government or Ethiopian forces.

The Bush fiasco in Somalia has basically remained ignored by the American media which is caught up in Iraq and Afghanistan. However, once again, Bush displayed his complete ignorance of the Muslim world by sanctioning and encouraging a Christian nation to invade an Islamic ruled nation. Where was Secretary of State Condi Rice on this one?

John Kerry Warns About Somalia

Senator John Kerry, incoming chairperson of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, warned about taking military action in Somalia in response to the pirate activity which originates from that nation. “if you’ve just got one patrol boat and it chases in and people go ashore without enough firepower, without knowing what they’re up against, you can get into a lot of trouble.” The senator raises valid points, but he ignores the role played by President George Bush in creasing the current unstable situation in Somalia. Bush encouraged Christian Ethiopia to invade and take over Somalia in order to crush a fundamentalist Islamic government. It was that invasion which helped encourage the growth in pirate activity.

Sorry, Senator Kerry, the United States IS involved in Somalia and it is time we acknowledged our role in creating the current chaos. We can acknowledge that American planes and ships assisted Ethiopian forces during their invasion. First, accept responsibility, and then work to assist an Islamic government to restore law and order.

Somalia Struggles For A Peace Solution

It is nearly two years since the Bush administration persuaded Ethiopia to invade Somalia and overthrow a fundamentalist Islamic government. The result was rebellion, fighting, forcing hundreds of thousands of civilians from their homes and a continuing chaos which is reflected in the inability of the Somalia government to impose its authority outside of a some sections of the capital city. President Abdullah Yusuf Ahmed announced yesterday he was dismissing the entire Somalia cabinet in order to appoint a new government which he hopes will focus on peace rather than continuing the war. After two years, the Islamist movement has grown stronger and now is in control over large areas of the nation as the Ethiopian-Somalia government forces retreat into the capital.

President Ahmed needs approval of the parliament in order to establish a new government and hopefully he will be granted that right. Reality is Somalia is simply one more mess created by George Bush and the situation will not be resolved by more troops or more fighting. The Islamic fundamentalists who are medieval minded men will most probably regain control of the nation. Unfortunately, the people of Somalia will have to endure fundamentalist rule for several years until some semblance of order is established and hopefully, forces of reason and modernity may one day assume a role in the government of Somalia.

Rebels Advance In Chaos Of Somalia

islamist rebels seized control of a port in southern Somalia after the worst fighting there in months. The loss of the port of Kismayu to the al-Shabaab insurgents was still another blow to the interim government which rules the nation due to the presence of its Christian Ethiopian allies. Sheik Mukhtar Robow, a spokesman for the Islamists, told Reuters, “Kismayu is under our control. We overpowered them and concluded the fighting. We’re still chasing those fighters who ran away.” The interim government has difficulty rallying Somalians since it contains Ethiopians who are not liked by the majority of Somalians. It is also difficult having as an ally Christian Ethiopia in a nation that is predominantly Muslim.

There was also fighting in the capital of Mogadishu where some battles took place close to the residence of the president. The situation borders on chaos. Some experts believe the best solution is focusing on developing local government entities and allowing them to restore peace in their areas rather than attempting to create a strong central government.