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Ethiopian Troops Leave Somalia-Another Bush Fiasco!

Two years ago, President Bush urged the Christian Ethiopian government to invade Muslim Somalia because the American president did not believe Islamic fanatics should be allowed to rule. In the Bush version of “democracy,” the man from Texas decides who is the right believer in “democracy” and who is not. The last departing Ethiopian troops are abandoning their bases and headed home after two years of more chaos and destruction in Somalia. The Somalian government has reached an agreement with the main opposition, the Alliance for the Re-Liberation of Somalia. The two sides are meeting to finalize arrangements for power sharing.

Two years have passed during which hundreds of thousands of Somalians were displaced or killed or brutalized by one group or another. Any sensible person would have known in 2006, urging a Christian nation to invade a Muslim one was an invitation to disaster. But, to George Bush, “disaster” is his middle name.

Once Again Somalia Heads For Chaos

There is always considerable anger toward Bush regarding his fiasco in Iraq, but few critics n America ever note his equally inept policies in Somalia which have plunged that unfortunate land into further chaos. Two years ago, Bush encouraged Ethiopia to send its forces into Somalia to crush an Islamist fundamentalist government. The Christian soldiers of Ethiopia never established positive relations with the people of Somalia and for two years war has ranged between fundamentalist insurgents and the government established by US-Ethiopian forces. Islamist rebels moved ever closer to the capital of Mogadishu and now are on the outskirts. Rebel forces are on America’s list of terrorists, but they receive considerable support from the local population which is tired of war, tired of the ineffective Somalia government and only hopeful for some sort of peace, regardless of who brings it.

Rebels now control ports as well as a large section of Somalia. Most probably, Ethiopian troops will soon leave, restoring the situation to what it was two years ago. Will Bush urge another Ethiopian invasion?

Foreign Journalists Abducted In Somalia

The entry of Ethiopian troops into Somalia at the end of 2006 helped to destabilize a nation that already was in a form of chaos. The Christian Ethiopian forces invaded with the encouragement and support of US naval and air units because President Bush was determined to crush a Somalia Islamist government. In the midst of chaos and confusion, rebel forces constantly kidnap foreign journalists in order to obtain ransom money. A few days ago, three foreign journalists who were on their way to examine refugee camps were abducted and their families are awaiting new of the ransom amount. All the Somalia Interior Ministry can report is they know the men have been captured.

Even as the abductions were taking place, fierce fighting broke out in the port of Kismayo where Islamist forces actually captured a part of the city and held it for days. Perhaps, it is time to once again undo Bush mistakes and have the African Union organize a coalition government whose initial task will be removing foreign Ethiopian forces from the country. Bush always claims he sends troops into crush terrorism, and, invariably, their entry increases terrorist forces.

Madness In Somalia Goes On And On

The ongoing slaughter of the innocent continued in Somalia when Ethiopian soldiers blasted the market area in Mogadishu after being attacked by Muslim militants. Anti-government Muslim militants sent some mortars in the direction of Ethiopan troops who were guarding the hilltop complex of Vill Somlia and hit their position. In response Ethiopian forces sent shells hurtling into the Barara market area of the capital which lay below. Seventeen people were killed and dozens were wounded by fire originating from Ethiopian soldiers who supposedly entered their nation to restore law and order from fundamentalist Muslim groups.

Ali Mohammed Siad told Reuters, “We believe the Ethiopian troops targeted Bakara deliberately” even though merchants have hired their own guards to prevent insurgents from using the area to conduct attacks. Somalia leaders have long blamed the Bakar market area for being the source of supplying weapons to insurgents.

Over a year ago the United States encouraged Ethiopia to launch an attack on Somlia in order to get rid of its fundamentalist Muslim government. The result has been hatred towad the Christian foreign Ethiopians from Somalians and ever increasing violence. This is merely another footnote to the dysfunctional foreign policy of George Bush.