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Ethiopian Armed Forces Continue Killing Somalia Civilians

In the closing months of 2006, at the urging of President Bush, Ethiopian troops entered Somalia to drive out Islamic fundamentalists from leadership positions in their nation. The invasion sent a mainly Christian armed force into a Muslim nation and the results are what any expert would have predicted– continued resistance on the part of Muslim resistance groups. On Friday, Ethiopian troops fired on civilian vehicles and buses causing the death of over 40 people. According to an eye witness, Abdirahman Adan, “Ethiopian soldiers in the convoy started to shoot indiscriminately. I ran away, but when I came back half an hour later, i saw 38 people that died and 16 were injured.” In another attack five people were killed when a roadside bomb exploded as government forces were checking out the streets to ensure a presidential motorcade was not damaged.

The disaster that is Somalia was certainly not caused by President Bush, but his failed policies of intervening and invading have only resulted in death, destruction and destabilization of any government that attempts to rule.