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Somalia Has Collapsed!

President Bush is continually attacked for his ill fated adventures in Iraq, but few in the United States of America focus on his failed policies in Africa. Two years ago, an Islamic fundamentalist group had taken power in Somalia and established some form of law and order, but Bush was convinced they were supporting terrorism and persuaded the Christian led government of Ethiopia to invade the Muslim nation. The result has been two years of conflict and displacement of over 200,000 people from their homes. Over the weekend, President Abdullah Yusuf of Somalia, admitted his government is on the verge of collapse, and that Islamist groups now control most of the country. His government now only governs in the capital of Mogadishu while the remainder of the country has fallen under control of Islamic insurgents.

The presence of large numbers of Ethiopian troops will probably prevent Islamic militants from taking over the capital, but they will be able to bottle up Ethiopian and government forces within the city. There is fear the militants will engage in an orgy of death and destruction if they seize control of the government which most probably will ensure government officials will flee for their lives.

An unknown factor is what happens when Islamic insurgents take over since they presently represent three distinct groups who only are united in driving out the Ethiopians.

Forgotten Tragedy Of Somalia

The world is concerned with a financial crisis, angry words are exchanged between the United States and Russia and the ongoing conflict in Afghanistan has worsened relations between Pakistan and its supposed allies. But, it is the rare newspaper which will mention anything about the turmoil in Somalia whose inhabitants enter still another decade of violence and brutality. At least 29 civilians were killed and more than 60 wounded in fresh mortar exchanges in the nation’s capital city of Mogadishu. Muslim insurgents clashed with African Union troops and fighting escalated when insurgents tried to close down the city’s airport. Reports are confused as to whether insurgent or government forces did which killing. Of course, to the dead it is irrelevant who killed them.

It is clear that artillery shells killed many people and these undoubtedly were fired by government forces. Somalia had enough chaos until President Bush urged an Ethiopian invasion of the Muslim nation. At present, insurgents are fighting against African Union, Somalian, and Ethiopian troops. In the meantime, civilians try their best to continue living.

Somalia Continues Its Current Descent Into Chaos

The history of Somalia over the past thirty years has witnessed alternating periods of complete chaos and semi chaos as various groups and factions vie with one another for control. In the 1990s, American troops hurriedly left the “nation” after the tragic death of Americans were killed by mob violence. Two years ago, at the urging of President Bush, Ethiopia invaded a Muslim nation in the name of democracy and helped unite Muslim groups to fight the Christian Ethiopian invaders. Yesterday, a hardline Islamist militia head, Al Shebab, gave warning to the government to close down the Mogadishu airport or face the consequences. He charged the airport was being used by Israeli, American and Ethiopian forces as well as members of the African Union. He told Somalian businessmen, “any plane attempting to land at the airport will be regarded as an enemy combatant and would have to assume responsibility for anything that happens.”

Most Somalis are disregarding the threat even though the situation in their nation shows no sign of returning to any semblance of law and order. Perhaps, part of the problem is since there are so many groups engaged in fighting it may sometimes be difficult to ascertain which can actually carry out threats. Or, perhaps, living in a world of threats and warnings, one simply goes about business without being concerned.

Few people in the world have endured such ongoing disorder and chaos as those living in Somalia and the world goes on its business with scant concern for their plight.

Somalian And Ethiopian Forces Clash

Scarcely a day goes by without another unintended legacy of the Bush invasion of Iraq emerging to create additional problems. Two years ago, President Bush urged Ethiopia to invade Somalia and drive out an Islamist government. The result has been a two year conflict in which thousands have died and over 200,000 people been displaced. A few weeks ago, the Ethiopians, who are intensely disliked in Somalia, were able to work with the existing Somalia government in order to arrange a cease fire with some of the insurgents. But, on Tuesday, the cease fire began to unravel as a dissident Islamist group ambushed an Ethiopian column and killed at least 18 soldiers while destroying vehicles. The fighting extended into neighboring towns and caused the death of civilians.

A local resident told reporters “we have never seen such heavy fighting since the Ethiopians invaded our country,” and other reports agree the Ethiopian army suffered extensive casualties. The Bush instigated invasion has only reinforced the chaos that was present in Somalia with additional confusion and violence.

“So Many Mothers In Somalia….”

This is the story of Asha Mohamed, who fled Somalia due to the fighting between Ethiopian troops and Somalian rebels.

“We used to live in Karaan. It was safer than most places in Mogadishu, but las month there was fighting (in Mogadishu). As usual I went to the market where I sold vegetables. We could hear the shelling at the market but we thought it was too far. Later in the day one of m y neighbors came running to tell me that our home had been hit and that my husband and two children were dead… The house was totally destroyed and my neighbors had to collect some of my children’s limbs so we could bury them…After the burial I decided to leave wth what was left of my family… I decided to seek refuge in Kenya. The journey was long… There were so many roadblocks manned by the militias and every time they stopped us they took money…. I am now alone with five children in a strange town…There are so many mothers in Somalia who are doing the same thing.”

This is just the story of a woman and her family living in Somalia, a land forgotten by the world powers who allow their fears to get in the way of considering the needs of the oppressed peoples of the world.

Somalia-Lost In Discussions Of Bush Mistakes

Over the past few months as the primary debates focused on Bush economic policies in America or his failures in Iraq and Afghanistan, slight mention has been made of the tragedy he created in Somalia. President Bush encouraged, and supported with US air and naval resources, an invasion of Islamic Somalia by Christian Ethiopian forces. The result has been an ongoing civil war, and the death of thousands as well as displacement of hundreds of thousands of Somalis. The past week, government Somali forces in conjunction with their Ethiopian allies, searched the capital’s main market. Within moments, Islamic rebels began firing and the ensuing shooting and bombing 12 civilians were dead and over 40 sent to the hospital. No figures are available as to whether any of those firing weapons actually were killed or wounded.

Pascal Hundt, head of the International Red Cross delegation in Somalia says “wqe are witnessing the worse tragedy of the past decade in Somalia. People are completely exhausted from the nonstop struggle to survive.” Many Somalis are urging withdrawal of Ethiopian forces from their nation as a first step in trying to restore some sense of order in the nation.

Vioence Escalates In Somalia

During the closing months of 2006, the Bush administration urged the Ethiopian government to invade Somalia in order to crsuh what it believed was a fundamentalist Islamic government. In the ensuing warfare, the Ethiopian army easily crushed the Islamic fighters for the Somalian government. Defeating an Islamic army was one thing, but since then there has been ongoing conflict between the Ethiopians and their Somali allies versus the majority of people in Somalia. Over the past weekend, 81 people died in fighting in Mogadishu and 119 others were wounded as the coalition force battled Islamic forces in the streets of the nation’s capitol. Residents said the fighting was among the worst in recent months.

President Bush has consistenly been incorrect on every effort to crush Islamic fundamentalists. In each case, his actions have only served to increase the number of terrorists and make civilians suffer even more. The last thing any Muslim nation needs is to be “helped” by George Bush.

Somalia In Chaos Claim Aid Workers

Top international aid agencies warned that the situation in Somalia had become too dangerous for its workers to provide assistance to one million Somali people caught in the ever escalating war that rages in their nation. Thirty-nine organizations issued their warning of an impending humanitarian catastrophe ahead of the United Nations Security Council debate tomorrow. They initially issued a statement last fall about the situation. “Since then, the crisis engulfing Somalia has deteriorated dramatically while acces to people in need continues to decrease. 360,000 people have been newly displaced and an aditional half a million people are reliant on humanitarian assistance. There are now more than one million internally displaced peple in Somalia. Intense conflict in Mogadishu continues to force an average of 20,000 people from their homes each month.”

A little over a year ago, the Bush administration encouraged Ethiopian forces to invade Somalia and displace a fundamentalist Muslim government, which at least, had restored some semblance of stability to the area. The presence of Christian Ethiopian forces in a Muslim society has merely exacerbated tensions and fostered new outbreaks of violence. There is scant evidence Ethiopian troops are able to control the situaiton and their normal response is violence to violence. One doubts if the people of Somalia are happy that President Bush is getting rid of terrorists in their nation.

US Somalia Missile Strike-3 Cows, 1 Calf, 1 Shack

A U.S. missile attack on a terrorist allegedly hiding out in the Somalia town of Dobley did considerable damage by killing 3 cows, 1 calf, destroyed a shack and injured six cviilians. The “al-Qaida terrorist,” who was believed to be Saleh Ali Nabhan, escaped unharmed. This was the fourth American attack on Somalia soil since the Bush administration encouraged and supported an Ethiopian invasion of the country in order to destroy its Islamic government, the former Islamic Courts(UIC) which briefly had taken over and restored some semblance of order in the chaos known as Somalia. The Christian Ethiopians are now dealing with hostile Islamic insurgents as popular opinion appears to be against outside forces in their nation.

One can only wonder if President Bush has a plan for dealing with terrorism. He invaded Iraq and created a dozen new terrorist groups in that nation. He encourages a Christian lead Ethiopian invasion of a Muslim nation and apparently believes it will not result in some sort of rebellion against outside forces. Each passing day reveals further evidence the “fight for democracy” would be more accurately entitled, “the fight to support terrorism.”