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Ethiopian Army Kills Civilians In Somalia

At the end of 2006, President Bush encouraged Ethiopian forces to invade the Islamic nation of Somalia and throw out its Islamic leaders. The conflict has dragged on for over a year with increasing violonce and displacement of thousands of innocent civilians. In the latest manifestation of ignoring human rights, Amnesty International has accused the Ethiopian Army of deliberately killing at least 21 civilians inside a mosque plus another 11 in the vicinity of the mosque. At least 40 children aged 9 to 14 are in custody of Ethiopian armed forces. D. Ali Said Faqui, writing online, notes how Somalia millitants killed two innocent British teachers who were trying to help the people of their nation. “Imagine the feeling of living in a country where killing is much easier than earning a loaf of bread; life has no value at all.”

As he points out, Somalia has endured nonstop war for 18 years without any sight of an end in the forseeable future. “The conflcit in Somlia has been dragged into a new and deceitful phase which will threaten the existence of millions of Somali people. There is no hope that the warring factions will ever resolve their disputes in a peaceful manner.”

The Ethiopian invasion did not cause the current crisis, it only exacerbated a situation that was horrible to begin with. As Faqui concludes: “May Allah rescue the Somali public which is caught between a rock and a hard place and can’t see the light at the end of the tunnel.”