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“Foreign Looking People” Denied Entry To Nightclub

The case in Sweden could have occurred in a dozen nations in the world. A group of six men tried to enter bars and nightclubs in a Swedish city, but were denied entry due to their “foreign looking appearance.” To make matters worse, a similar group of six men who
had a Swedish looking appearance” were welcomed with open arms. In itself, this is not the most vivid example of discrimination, and entry into a nightclub is certainly not the most critical issue in the world. The six Arab men were informed that an Easter party was being held and entry was available on an invitation basis only.

An American comedian, Groucho Marx, once said he would never enter a club that accepted people of his ilk since obviously they had low standards. Discrimination is horrible in any aspect of life, but sometimes one can only wonder if not being allowed to enter certain places is a compliment rather than insult.