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Racism In Moscow Leads To Deaths!

A man from Uzbek was stabbed to death in Moscow yesterday making him the fourth dark-skinned person to be killed in the city during the past five days. A group of assailants attacked Khunshid Khudaikulov and killed him. Police noted the dead man’s wallet had not been touched which means he was murdered because of who he was, not because of the money he carried. On Saturday, a group of young men armed with knives attacked two natives of Kyrgz killing one and critically injuring the other.

Since January 1 of this year, 23 dark-skinned people have been killed in Russia and more than 50 injured in this latest bigoted violence against those whose skin is not white. One of the tragedies of modern Russia was that even under communism, prejudice against those with dark skin was common. Russia has never engaged in educational programs to foster understanding of those with differing skin color or ethnicity.