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Kenya’s Unreported Dirty War

Crops rot in fields, farms and schools are abandoned, the black hulks of burned houses dot the landscape. Hundreds of innocent people have been killed and many women raped in a war that wracks the nation of Kenya despite its remarkable success in economic growth and in possessing a working democracy. The murderous Mungiki gang together with ethnic conflict and political discord is devastating the nation. Part of the conflict was generated by opposition of land by the government which led opposing groups to engage in violent conflict. At least 60,000 terrorized people have fled their homes. Many people blame harsh police policies of only enflaming an already unstable situation to become even more violent. At the heart of the conflict are claims by the Soy ethnic group that land was given to the Ndorobos because of their political connections. A Soy militia, the Sabaot Land Defence Force(SLDF) is now battling the police and reports are common of targeted killings.

Ironically, decades after the end of colonialism, its heritage plays out in land conflicts between ethnic groups. As a result, an area that was exporting produce is now importing food. It is just another sad African story.