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Muslim Terrorists Continue Campaign Of Terror In China

The western areas of China mark the point at which Muslim invaders were able to establish their presence and over the course of time to create a Muslim center in China. During the past few years, Muslim terrorists belonging to the East Turkistan Islamic Movement(ETIM) have been conducting attacks on local Chinese forces. Two days ago, in Kashgar, sixteen policemen were killed when two terrorists drove a truck into an electricity pole and then began throwing bombs. Kashgar is China’s westernmost city and the attack resulted in the death of 16 policemen and the wounding of over a dozen.

There is little doubt the ETIM is behind the attack and it most probably is an attempt to gain some publicity as the Olympic Games prepare to begin. The terrorist group does not have the power or resources to pose any serious threat to the Games or to the Chinese nation. The main point to be gained from such attacks is the need for the Chinese government to become more sensitive to the needs and aspirations of local people.