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Turkey Continues Annoying EU Over Its Membership Application

There is increasing evidence the European Union is becoming irritated at failure of the Turkish government to take action on several vital pieces of legislation concerning protection of human rights. Turkey meets with a EU commission every six months to discuss its application for membership and there are repeated requests from the EU for action. AS EU Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn noted: “We are warning the government against Article 301 which continues to undermine freedom of expression and the Turkish government says it will be changed. The repeated rhetoric has become annoying.” Article 301 makes illegal insulting the Turkish government and that includes claiming there was an Armenian genocide. There are also several other items such as allowing private institutions of higher learning or laws to ensure protection of minority rights which lay dormant in the Turkish parliament.

It is important for world peace that Turkey be admitted into the European Union Hopefully, as the Kurdish issues slips into the background, the Turkish government can focus on pushing through needed legislation if it really wants to enter the European Union.