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Immigrant Children In Greece Left Behind

The European Union may take action against Greece unless it scraps a new law which forbids children of undocumented immigrants from applying for the coveted EU-wide longterm residence status– a permanent form of residence. Under a new Greek law, only the Greece-born children of immigrants may apply for this residence permit, provided they are 18 and their parents reside legally in the country. The European Union does permit children under the age of 18 to apply for permanent residency and there is concern the Greek law may be in violation of EU laws. Greek officials insist that if an immigrant came illegally and has not been able to legalize their position in Greece they will be deported and any children under 18 must accompany them.

Historically, the United States of America was among the few nations which grant citizenship automatically to anyone born in the country regardless of the status of their parents. Greece apparently claims a child’s citizenship follows the status of their parents. The American model is an inclusive one which recognizes that once born in the country, one will be regarded as a citizen.

Gaddafi Urges Europe To Aid Africa, Reduce Immigration

Libyan leader Muammar Gaddafi who currently is chairperson of the African Union, urged those in Europe who were concerned about immigration from Africa such as Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi of Italy, to support a massive program of economic development for Africa. “If Europe does not want migration, then it has to help us to encourage young people to stay in Africa.” He made clear that he was “against our young people migrating to Europe. I do not want Africa to be drained of its working force and of its youth.” Gaddafi argues the youth of Africa should remain on the continent and develop its resources and economies. The Libyan leader expressed hope the United States under Barack Obama would change its attitude toward Africa and work for cooperation.

It would assist in any reconciliation between the United States and Gaddafi if he would cease assisting terrorist forces and work for peace in the Middle East by supporting the government of President Abbas.

EU And US Urge Israel Unity Government

The current electoral mess in Israel has made any thought of peace in the Middle East become a belief in fantasy. Palestinian haters like Avigdor Lieberman are trying to secure power positions in a coalition government while religious fanatics are using their electoral power to ensure no retreat from the West Bank. President Obama and European Union leaders quietly let it be known to Israel leaders the only way out of the electoral confusion was a unity government of Kadima and Likud with Benjamin Netanyahu as prime minister and Tzipi Livni in a leading foreign policy role. Hopefully Labor would also be included in such a coalition, but the important factor is keeping out of government those who seek death and destruction not only for Palestinians but for the future of Israel.

If Lieberman gains power all hope for peace is gone, if religious fanatics gain power to block a reasonable resolution of the West Bank than all hope for peace is gone. Israel needs a strong dose of realism.

I’m The Boss Of Russia Says Putin To EU!

At a recent meeting between European Union leaders and Prime Minister Putin of Russia, tempers flared when the Russian leader expressed his anger because EU Commission chief, Jose Manuel Barros dared to discuss issues concerned with human rights to President Medvedev and Putin was not present at the session . In response to European Union concerns about the treatment of minorities in Russia or the murder of journalists, the Russian president insisted it was the EU which has been abusing Russian minorities within their borders. Putin suddenly transformed himself into the defender of minorities, migrants, and even prisoners held in jails within the EU.

The real issue is gas and Russian control over the flow of it to the west. The Putin government has abused minorities, it has a hand in the killing of journalists who dare confront the boss of Russia, and it is clear if a nation wants Russian gas it must remain silent concerning Putin oppression of people..

Oh, and no more meetings with the president of Russia unless the prime minister is present.

Heroin Sales Rise In Europe As Smuggling Rises

Two years ago, the European Union created the Schengen Zone which allows goods to enter nations without having to be bothered by border checks. The idea was to create a free flowing distribution of goods throughout the EU, but there have been some unforseen results as the policy– a dramatic growth in heroin. A major point of entry for Afghan heroin is the Czech Republic, which in itself has never been a good market for the sale of heroin, but its position allows for easy distribution throughout the region. Police are now capturing young men from eastern Europe who use airplanes in order to bring in the heroin although a preferred route is by car since the Schengen Zone prevents searching cars unless there is reasonable suspicion of crime. Pavel Drobek of the Czech Republic Customs office, claims, “The Czech Republic now serves as a transit country for heroin. He says custom officials are surprised “they do it in such an obvious way.”

It is time for the European Union and the world to re-evaluate the entire approach toward drugs of making it a criminal product. Perhaps, a new approach which creates a process of making drugs legal will end the presence of drug lords and bribery and crime. We need new solutions for drugs in the 21st century.

European Union Might Accept Guantanamo Prisoners

Right wing Republican conservatives have been filling television with their weird comments about releasing prisoners from Guantanamo into the “streets of America” as though the Obama administration was simply going to dump them in the nearest city and walk away. the European Union is examining the possibility it could take some of the released prisoners and find jails which would house them until there could be trials. Benita Ferrero-Walder, EU Commissioner for External Relations, said the EU would urge member states to accept the men. In the Czech Republic, a spokesperson for Amnesty International in that country, said, “”we believes that Europe should take some of these detainees.”

There are nations prepared to become involved in finding solutions as to the guilt or innocence of the detainees. The assumption of right wing Republicans is that all detainees are guilty because the Bush administration put them in a jail. At least 24 already have been released because after eight years, the Bush people could not find sufficient evidence to link the men to any crime.

European Union Restricts East Europe Migration

There are members of the European Union and there are members who don’t exactly enjoy the same benefits of those who have been in the organization for years. Romania and Bulgaria gained entry a few years ago, but there are growing restrictions on allowing people from those nations to migrate west in search of jobs. A large number of EU nations have instituted restrictions on Romanians and Bulgarians who seek to enter in order to obtain jobs, many of which are in the agriculture area. In gaining membership, Romania and Bulgaria accepted the right of other members to restrict people from their countries to emigrate for up to seven years which is not allowed for those who have been members for years.

The current financial crisis impacting European nations will undoubtedly lead to stricter laws banning east Europeans like those from Romania or Bulgaria to enter. All over the world, migrants are among the first to suffer the financial crisis. Of course, one issue is whether native born people will desire jobs in the field of agriculture.

Israel Doubts EU Can Solve Gaza Crisis

Israel officials expressed doubt the EU had any concrete proposal that would lead to an end of the bombing in Gaza. An official in the office of Prime Minister Olmert said his nation was not interested in EU monitors, but wanted an immediate end to rocket attacks and guarantees that smuggling of weapons into Gaza would end once and for all. “We don’t need ceremonial forces,” said the official. “What we need is a mechanism that can keep Hamas from rearming and there are regional powers as well as international players who can support such a goal.” However, many EU leaders believe step on is an immediate cease fire and an end to bombing on both sides. Israel Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni made clear: “When Israel is targeted, Israel is going to retaliate.”

It is increasingly clear Hamas made a terrible miscalculation by firing rockets. It assumed Israel would not take any violent reaction. It also assumed the world would prevent Israel from bombing and invading Gaza. Unfortunately, innocent people in Gaza are dying due to these mistakes of Hamas.

Turkey Backs Away From Gay Rights Declaration

A major goal of Turkey is to become a member of the European Union, but there are occasions when Turkish leaders do not recognize membership in that body requires adopting attitudes which run counter to their own. Turkey angered many Europeans by refusing to sign a European Union-led declaration presented to the United Nations which urged nations of the world to take action to ensure gay and lesbian rights. An EU ambassador told the liberal Turkish newspaper, Hurriyet, “it’s very frustrating for Turks who wish to become a member of the EU” to be criticized for failure to support European positions. The declaration condemned “violence, harassment, discrimination, exclusion, stigmization and prejudice” against people on grounds of sexual orientation or gender identify.

Turkey is arguing is position is similar to that of the Vatican and many Arab nations which are hostile to gay rights. Unfortunately, for Turkey, neither the Vatican nor Arab states will have a voice in determining European Union membership. At this point, Turkey is the only nation applying for EU membership that refuses to sign the declaration.

EU Will Not Screen Anti-Muslim Film

The European Parliament has banned the viewing of the anti-Islam film, Fitna, on its premises. The film was made by Durch right-wing MP and Freedom party leader, Geert Wilders who reacted by storming out in anger claiming it was a blow against democracy. A majority of members of Parliament believe the film merely incites hatred of Muslims and does not contribute to raising issues other than those of blind hatred. Originally, the film wa to have been shown in a conference room, but the projector was taken away. Fitna reminded his audience the film already had been show in London and elsewhere.

The basic thesis of the film is an examination of the Koran reveals it encourages war and violence. It contains a collection of quotes and news footage of terrorist attacks. It would not be difficult to make a film which contains quotes from the Bible as well as footage of Christian violence including the Holocaust. Issues in this case have nothing to do with democracy, they simply deal with taste and refusal to foster anti-Muslim hatred. Mr. Wilders is free to show his film around the world. There is no doubt a ready audience for such films is available among those who hate Muslims.