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Racism Issue Arises In Eurovision Contest

Anastasia Prikhodko ran into a storm of protest over remarks she appeared to have made on the Internet. She won the right to represent Russia last Saturday by submitting a song that has a chorus in Ukrainian. The Internet video shows her on a show in 2007 where she said: “I don’t like black people, Chinese people,” and when asked why she was performing on a show whose producer was Georgian, the nice young Russian lady responded: “A Georgian isn’t racism, my dear, they are white and those people are black.” Kornelia Mango who was on the same show said that Prikhodko “often” made racist remarks.

Reporters have uncovered pictures of her brother as a member of ultra nationalist groups. In defense for these remarks, the young lady wanted the world to know that her best friend if Jewish and her grandfather helped to liberate Berlin in WWII. Oh well, given that her “best friend” is Jewish, all she has to do is get a best friend who is black or Chinese or any one of those “other” type of people.