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How To Give An Exam Everyone Passes!

British students sitting for the GCSE exam encountered an innovation that will surely become popular among students throughout the world. Ordinarily, one learns about exam mistakes after leaving the room and examining books and notes, but this year, British education authorities decided to avoid such delays in knowing what happened on the exam. On the back of exam papers test creators kindly provided the answers. The important information about which was the correct answer was given away in copywright details on the back of the exam papers. A spokesperson said: It’s unlikely any of the 12,000 students sitting the examination would have recognzed the value of the information n the copywright statement and subsequently used it.” That is not exactly what teachers administering the exam told the Times Education Supplement.

Perhaps, the more important issue is why are students who are being engaged with music being asked stupid recall questions such as who composed a certain piece–the answer was Handel? Is this the purpose of learning about music– to be able to recall who composed a piece of music?

I guess to the ever present comment by test designers — “Please read the question.” must now be added–“Please read the answer.”