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US Among Top Five In Executions

The United States has gained the dubious distinction of being among the top five nations in the world which continue to execute people. China which has carried out three fourths of executions in the world stands by its self at the top of the list. All told, 2,390 people were legally killed in the world and since China executes for such horrible crimes as tax-evasion or bag-snatching there is no other nation able to keep pace with the sounds of guns firing at prisoners. Iraq, which last year killed 34 people, has another 128 prisoners waiting for the executioner. Iran, as usual, stands high on the list and has executed eight prisoners who were age 18 at the time of their deaths. Among the methods of killing people in the first decade of the 21st century are, hanging, beheading, stoning and lethal injections. People in this century certainly don’t want to lag behind our ancestors in killing prisoners.

When all is said and done, five nations have reached the pinnacle of execution success and they include, China, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan and the United States. Of course, former Governor George Bush of Texas never knew an execution he couldn’t sanction. Fortunately, since 1973, at least 130 prisoners who were awaiting execution were freed due to DNA testing and review of their trials.

Off With Their Heads, Says Indonesian Drug Leader

Indonesian National Police chief, General Satanto, chairman of the National Narcotics Agency(BNN) says execution of traffickers on death row should be speeded up because the only thing that will teach drug offenders of the folly of engaging in drugs is to be killed. Of course, if they are killed, they really can’t change their behavior.
General Satanto said: “Drug traffickers must be executed immediately as a warning. That is why the BNN is coordinating closely with the Attorney General’s office which is responsible for the executions.” According to the general, putting them in prison doesn’t do much good because all they do is transform a nice pleasant jail into a center of drugs. “International drug trafficking syndicates have been controlled from jails. Imprisonment has failed to stop drug cases.”

There are now 72 people on death row awaiting execution and only 3 drug traffickers have been killed. Drug cases rose from 17, 355 in 2006 to 22,630 in 2007. If the history of prisons and crime has any relevance to the general, there is absolutely no evidence that crime goes down if more are executed. Has he considered legalizing drugs or education as alternatives?

Human Rights Group Urges End To Afghan Death Penalty

Among the hopes of ending the Taliban regime in Afghanistan was to elminiate its brutality in which hundres were executed for various offenses against the government. The US Based Human Rights Watch is asking President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan to refrain from signing execution orders for about 100 prisoners and declare a moratorium on the death penalty. According to Elaine Peasron, Asia deputy director of the group, “President Karzai should suspend the death penalty immediately. More mass executions will be a huge setback for the rule of law in Afghanistan.” Capitol punishment enjoys wide support among many members of the nation’s conservative population .

The Afghan Supreme Court recently gave blanket approval of the execution of 100 people. There is no question the rights of the accused are regularly disregarded as was so evident a few months ago when a journalist was condemned to death for downloading a story from the Internet. In October, 2007, fifteen people were executed by gunfire in the prison complex. The United Nations expressed its disproval of such mass executions but the Karzai government insisted it was merely acting in a democratic manner.